Data Transfer Cables

Highest security even under extreme conditions

Data transfer cables
The Leica Geosystems accessory program includes data transfer cables, power tension cables and antenna cables of the highest quality. For data transfer, Leica Geosystems offers serial and USB data cables. The data transfer over the cable from and to the instrument is therefore extremely reliable and secure, even in extreme heat, cold, snow and rain.

All Leica Geosystems cables are equipped with LEMO® plugs for outdoor use. The precision connections of recognised market leaders are found not only at Leica Geosystems, but also in other applications where similar quality demands are made, such as aviation, aerospace and medical technologies. A further significant quality component of the Leica Geosystems cable is its casing. It is constructed so that the cable can be stored at temperatures from –40°C to +70°C and functions reliably at operating temperatures from -20°C to +55°C while remaining elastic in handling. Last but not least, although not visible from the exterior, it is the cable material that determines the security of data transfer. The original cable contains only high-value cable casing, tested shielding and highly conductive copper litz wires. In other cables, such as “Leica-like” replicas, quite inferior value cable material, sometimes even with aluminium litz wires, is used. This aspect alone can lead to strong disturbances and transfer errors.

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