Seeing the entire picture in detail

Chapter 3: Fewer trips, bigger savings

Fewer trips, bigger savings

Engineers now made fewer trips to jobs, with data captured on site feeding measurements directly into one-source documentation. With only one file for crews to share what was going on with engineers back in the office, unforeseen problems could be easily avoided and significant time and cost savings added.

“With Leica Captivate, engineers and surveyors can work together to see what can or cannot be done,”said Boquin. “It saves a lot of time when you can do this on the ground rather than going back to the site office and refer to a plan.

"The Leica Captivate user interface, especially the 3D Viewer, is very intuitive. Different types of objects can be displayed, configured and inspected. You can easily interact with data directly, as it is collected. All points and measurements are scaled and users can see which objects are close or further away by the size of the point symbols and text next to it,” continued Boquin. “Using the Leica Captivate is something new that we have been trying out. It will be something we will be using a lot more in the future.”

Nelson Boquin concludes “Background imagery makes users more visually aware of what a jobsite includes. It helps us make better decisions in real time and ultimately helps us to increase productivity.”

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Story: Seeing the entire picture in detail
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Chapter 3: Fewer trips, bigger savings

Reporter 74 - May 2016

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