Reporter 76

INTERGEO Edition - October 2016

A Message from the President

At Hexagon Geosystems, we focus on creating digital realities so professionals can work within current and accurate environments to produce the best possible results. What is a digital reality? When Russian technicians are trained to face dangerous events, like fires caused by faulty electrical connections, in a video game made with the aid of laser scanning technology, he learns critical safety measures in a digital reality so he can apply them in the real world. When Swiss researchers capture precise imagery of snow properties from airborne sensors, they operate in a digital reality to discover new methods to improve avalanche warnings.

A digital reality must mirror the real world so results can be precisely imported back to improve the current situation. To build better rail tracks and keep workers safe, Dutch surveyors provided the reality capture of rail yards with the help of our mobile mapping solutions. Contractors on a new expressway project in New Zealand needed to have a clear understanding of the dimensions of the land so they could lay a smooth path, so they turned to our MS60 MultiStation and machine control guidance.

Digital realities not only recreate today’s reality, but they also show us what can be. Space exploration from the United States with our new LiDAR technologies is helping scientists to comprehend global ice melt and better protect the Earth. Miners in Ghana now see where weak points are in the walls of a mine with our monitoring solutions, preventing catastrophic accidents. From above the earth to below the surface, digital realities are critical for safety and effective planning for the future.

Digital realities ensure we are shaping smart change in an rapidly evolving world. I’m proud our solutions are a part of this change. Enjoy your read.

Juergen Dold
President, Hexagon Geosystems


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Download your own PDF edition of the "Reporter 76" here.
Download your own PDF edition of the "Reporter 76" here.