Meet the Leica ConX - a collaboration and data transfer tool for any construction project

Leica ConX is our cloud platform and web interface for aggregating, managing and analysing 3D construction data. Leica ConX provides the capability to connect intelligent machines and surveyors from the job site to the office making information accessible to everyone working on a construction project in the role of designing, constructing, managing or validating the completion of work. Design authoring tools, intelligent machines and field solutions are all connected to support the seamless exchange of positioning, design and constructed as-built data.

The overall solution is the harmonization of several components:

  • Integrate all Leica Geosystems construction portfolio into a unified workflow.
  • Provide a cloud-enabled platform to strore and aggregate data.
  • Use a common interface to connect Leica and 3rd party products and applications already established within the construction industry.
  • Allow end-users to access, visualize and analyse the productivity of the construction project in the Leica ConX web applicationthat brings it all together to create information out of all of the data.

Who is the product for?

Leica ConX links the data prep specialist, consultant, project manager, construction company owner and chief surveyor who all share responsibility to coordinate the sharing, managing and reporting of work being performed throughout the course of a project.

The remote interface to the jobsite ensures that machine operators and surveyors working on the job site have the information that they need to carry out their work. The common need is that they all require a streamlined flow of information from the very outset of the construction project from the initial surface capture, through the construction activities all the way to the final quality checks.

Where can the product be used?

Internet enabled survey and machine control solutions can be connected to Leica ConX to remotely receive and share information wirelessly. The Leica ConX web interface can be accessed anywhere internet access is available.

Why did we developed the product?

We developed Leica ConX to address the demand on consolidating and quickly sharing 3D data as a result of the rapidly increasing digitization of the construction site. The technology being used on job sites today is dependent on 3D positioning and design data and any inefficiencies in the flow of this information impacts the productivity of the project, threatening deadlines and the bottom line profitability of the project.

Beyond the productivity gains being made as construction companies quickly adapt to the digitization of the construction industry, such technology is becoming mandatory to stay competitive and to win contracts. We are seeing an increase in project tenders requiring the use of 3D machines and field solutions for not only production and optimization but also the subsequent data capture that is used to validate and report the work that was completed. Managing all of this data is an ever increasing problem for our customers so we aim to provide the best solution to solve it.

How is the product used?

When investing in Leica machine control and positioning technology customers can choose to connect their products to the Leica ConX platform giving them to tool to aggregate, manage and store 3D data at the project level. Once connected, each product can be supported remotely and can seamlessly exchange data to and from any other connected applications or devices with the customer account.

Why should I invest in the product?

Leica ConX is an investment to simplify and expedite the flow of critical information between the site and the office helping you to maximize the productivity of the technology and resources you invest in while reducing the burden of data collection, aggregation, and reporting.

Machine operators and surveyors can do their work as effectively as possible, and project staff can react quickly to changes while monitoring and managing progress of the project. Intelligent construction is only as smart as the data driving the work so it’s critical that there is a streamlined flow of data to the jobsite to support operators and surveyors dependent on the data to carry out their work. The remote connection to units not only helps maximize productivity but also saves thousands in costly visits to the site simply by providing remote support to users in the field.

What is unique about the product?

Leica ConX aims is to have the most open, practical and user friendly cloud solution for managing 3D design data, positioning data and constructed as-built data.

The advances in construction technology have brought many new challenges in how to manage and maintain the complex interactions introduced into the project workflow. The Leica ConX solution is here to help by taking the complexity out of it so that the benefits can be immediately realized without all of the headaches.

To learn more about Leica ConX visit:

Doug Eggert

Doug Eggert, product manager at Leica

Case Studies

Découvrez comment les clients de partout dans le monde déploient des solutions Leica Geosystems pour leurs projets.
Découvrez comment les clients de partout dans le monde déploient des solutions Leica Geosystems pour leurs projets.

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