Leica SpiderWeb Applications

Value added Web Services for GNSS Networks



Leica Spider Web Applications comprises two software applications within the Spider software suite:

  • Leica Spider Business Center

  • Leica SpiderWeb


Leica Spider web

Leica Spider Business Center

The Leica Spider Business Center combines all the elements you need to efficiently operate your infrastructure, including powerful and secure user and access management, network and rover status monitoring, and provides end users with access to status information and post-processing services.

The smoothly integrated solution provides secure authentication and authorization infrastructure for all Spider suite services – real time and post processing – helping you managing your business. Based on an easy subscription concept access to individual services can be managed at any desired detail. It can also be used to manage access to your own custom value-added services.

Reduce your administration and customer care time through efficiently designed work-flows at one centralized interface, thus lowering your operational and maintenance costs over the lifetime of your infrastructure.

Achieve the best return on your investment (ROI) by using Spider Business Center

Leica SpiderWeb

Show and present your GNSS network and data any time, everywhere. Leica SpiderWeb provides efficient and secure access to data for post processing. Value added services assist with convenient distribution and use of GNSS data from individual stations or the complete network to users through standard web browser.

  • RINEX Jobs Service – for convenient download of GNSS data

  • Virtual RINEX Service – to benefit from a network solution in post-processing

  • Coordinate Computation Service – to quickly obtain highly accurate coordinates without the need for office software

  • Transformation Service – to easily obtain local datum coordinates without the need of expert knowledge

Your Benefits – One solution for all GNSS network services

  • Centralized, convenient and secure internet portal to access and manage your complete service portfolio

  • For network RTK, post processing and custom network services

  • Web based interface enables flexible access at anytime from anywhere for both end customers and system administrators

  • Full transparency for you and your clients regarding current subscriptions and their status

Case Studies

Read how customers from around the world are putting our diverse solutions into action to shape smart change.
Read how customers from around the world are putting our diverse solutions into action to shape smart change.

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