Using multiple scanners on projects: how to combine Leica Geosystems HDS hardware and software solutions for ultimate project productivity.

The Leica RTC360 is an ultra-fast medium-sized 3D laser scanner designed to quickly capture rich data while simplifying both in the field and in office workflows. With its fast speed capture and pioneering real-time registration (based on VIS technology), the RTC360 has made a significant impact on capturing existing conditions and improving user productivity.

Combine the RTC360 with Cyclone REGISTER 360 software and the portable BLK360 scanner and you have a remarkable trio to help automate workflows and registration for ultimate project productivity.

This webinar discusses how users can get the most out of their projects by combining the RTC360, the BLK360 and Leica Cyclone REGISTER 360 software as a system solution and learn from real-life project workflows.

The 1-hour webinar is for existing users wanting to consolidate their knowledge on the latest Leica Geosystems reality capture solutions or new users wanting to learn how to realise productivity gains with Leica Geosystems reality capture solutions.

Demonstrated by using real-life project data Gregg Franz, Reality Capture Manager ANZ at Leica Geosystems and Sam Hesper, Spatial Solution Consultant at C.R. Kennedy will cover the following topics:

  • Using the Leica BLK360 with Cyclone REGISTER 360 software to amplify productivity gains
  • Merging RTC360 and BLK360 data when working on projects
  • Tips for working with the RTC360 over multiple days and managing data
  • Acquiring data over multiple building levels or multiple locations using the highly visual aspects of Cyclone REGISTER 360

Skill level: Beginner to intermediate

Date: Thursday 31st January 2019

Time: 2pm – 3pm AEDT

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