Establishing reliable positions with speed

Chapter 2: Speedy verifications with cost savings

Speedy verifications with cost savings

Steven Denney, project support at Golden Construction, specialises in building layout and supports most project crews on-site with CAD drawings, point files and by establishing control points. Denney points out, “The ability to quickly find the problems and get that information back to the related trades helped them save time and money. If concrete pours were delayed because of time spent verifying the work, it would be costly to all parties involved and any rework after concrete has been poured could be detrimental.”

Also commenting on the iCON build field software, he went on to say, “We found the Reference Line command to be really helpful checking points. This field software allows real-time distance readings that are relative to building lines (parallel and perpendicular) instead of just referenced to the position of the instrument. Information transferred this way is much more helpful and practical for field crews to know.”

Using Leica iCON robot total stations enabled just one person to control all the work, fast and effectively. Golden Construction’s Co-op Chris Dixon, a student at Auburn University in Alabama, was able to check the work extremely fast. Dixon could then also quickly pass the information on to the subcontractors, in the event that something needed to be corrected. Autodesk’s AutoCAD software was used to take the information recorded in the field and overlay it with the building plan to verify that everything was in its correct position. The software was also used in the office to help with layout across all of Golden Construction’s projects.

Project Superintendent Lynn Spradlin adds, “We could train a less experienced up-and-coming employee to perform layout like a seasoned veteran and repurpose our experienced superintendent to lead subs instead of staying behind the equipment collecting points.”

Bonding a new, strong business partnership, Golden Construction has been able to grow its geographical footprint thanks to this first-time project with its new partner in Colorado. The firm's commitment to fast and reliable professional services as contractors has been the basis for the development for a new strong business relationship.

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Story: Establishing reliable positions with speed
Chapter 1: Reducing potential errors
Chapter 2: Speedy verifications with cost savings

Reporter 74 - May 2016

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