Moving a capital city forward

Chapter 3: Worldwide support

Worldwide support

Perhaps even more critical in an international environment such as the construction site of the Riyadh Metro Project is the assurance of support at anytime, anywhere.

Tierie says he arranged the project in Saudi Arabia through a combined effort of Leica Geosystems locations. His former Leica Geosystems network in The Netherlands with support from the Dubai and Switzerland locations and the local dealer in Riyadh all pitched in to make the project possible. Since moving to the desert nation at the beginning of the project in 2014, he has relied on the excellent support he receives from the many locations of Leica Geosystems.

“The quality of Leica Geosystems solutions is great, but the support for me is the biggest benefit. I’ve received very good support from Leica Geosystems Netherlands, Dubai and the local dealer SITML,” said Tierie. “Due to the Active Customer Care support, we can quickly and efficiently handle any problems we encounter on site.”

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Story: Moving a capital city forward
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Chapter 3: Worldwide support

Reporter 74 - May 2016

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Download your own "Reporter 74" as a PDF file.