Ensuring smooth flow

Chapter 2: Monitoring movements during construction

Monitoring movements during construction

Kirchner Engineering Consultants GmbH was contracted to monitor the movements of the structure during construction. A key requirement for WSA was to incorporate data collected from existing water sensors scattered throughout the lock structure at Brunsbüttel and to easily integrate this information into the automatic, real-time geodetic monitoring analysis.

ALLSAT GmbH, a company specialising in geomonitoring using high-precision total stations and has been collecting geodetic data from the Brunsbüttel for some time, was contracted by Kirchner. The project requires the best possible deviation measurements and Leica GeoMoS Monitor software used by ALLSAT delivers the highest accuracy of +/- 2 mm.

After collecting and analysing new and previous data for three months, the building of the chamber could start. During construction, the chamber walls next to the building site will be continuously monitored three times per hour for any standard deviations (2 mm) and for any deformation activity of more than 15 mm from the position and height of each measured point being monitored.

The data collected for existing chambers gates and walls used four Leica Nova TM50 total stations set up on pillars throughout the lock infrastructure and also used Leica Geosystems monitoring prisms.

Installations were completed by ALLSAT, who used Leica GeoMoS software for data processing and visualisations. Communication boxes with GPRS data modems were also installed on top of the measuring pillars using mobile service providers to transfer data. Total stations were also secured by weather element protectors.

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Story: Ensuring smooth flow
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Chapter 2: Monitoring movements during construction
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Download your own "Reporter 75" as a PDF file.