Overcoming from above

Chapter 2: More than just volumes

More than just volumes

Combing the orthophotos from the Aibot X6 with older data and point clouds of the site created by laser scanning technology, engineers and environmentalists on the project were able to go beyond just volume calculations. Together with the many forms of data collected, they can now see visible proof of vegetation changes and conduct slope analyses.

As the dangerous terrain evokes risky conditions for surveyors, measurements were previously being taken few and far between. With the safer and quicker UAV survey, the mine survey team can now monitor on a more regular basis to manage issues sooner and rectify problems before they become major concerns.

“Aerial surveys with the Aibot X6 can not only be done quicker than traditional methods, but with the advanced sensors it can carry, we can gain the same if not better accuracy, as well,“ said van Wyk. “Since surveyors don’t have to enter risky areas to set up instruments, the UAV also makes our jobs safer.”

When terrain creates obstacles on the ground, UAVs are able to overcome from above. Opening access to more and more areas, the Aibot X6 is creating new opportunities across the globe.

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Story: Overcoming from above
Chapter 1: Mapping dangerous terrain with an UAV
Chapter 2: More than just volumes

Reporter 75 - June 2016

Download your own "Reporter 75" as a PDF file.

Download your own "Reporter 75" as a PDF file.