3D paving in the land of fire, ice

Chapter 3: Taking on the great outdoors

Taking on the great outdoors

It has also been an interesting experience for the surveyor to work with the 3D-controlled milling and paving machines.

“The work is done so much faster,” says Kristinsson. “Being able to see exactly how much we needed to do in the detailed model made the work easier and more efficient.”

The weather conditions in Iceland offer a short window for hot asphalt paving, and the work had to end by 20 October 2016.

“The weather can be a challenge to work in because there often is a lot of wind in Iceland. This summer was exceptionally good, but later in the year the sun is very low in the horizon. The total station can then loose contact with one of the prisms on the machine or jump to the other. We have certainly gained a lot of experience this year that we will use next year when the second phase of the rebuilding starts,” says Úlfar

In this vast and beautiful island, the most scarcely populated country in Europe with only 335,000 inhabitants, the development of the infrastructure to meet future tourism requirements poses a major opportunity for machine control.

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Story: 3D paving in the land of fire, ice
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Chapter 2: Renewing a busy airport
Chapter 3: Taking on the great outdoors