Grasping reality for all

Chapter 3: Partnering to disrupt

Partnering to disrupt 
As part of their strategic partnership, Leica Geosystems and Autodesk held a jointannouncment of the BLK360 and ReCap Pro at Autodesk University. Autodesk’s ReCap 360 Pro picks up where the single button on the BLK360 leaves off, providing a simplistic  interface to control the BLK360.

With these two advanced technologies running in conjunction, users can:

  • Capture scans
  • Register them automatically
  • Visualise the data in the field.

“When Autodesk first introduced ReCap, it was for one purpose: the democratisation of reality capture,” said Aaron Morris, who oversees reality solutions at Autodesk. “We saw the tremendous power of this technology for the AEC industry, but realised that the cost and portability of scanners combined with difficult-to-use data was limiting the adoption of ,reality capture. Autodesk’s collaboration with Leica Geosystems helps solve these issues by giving just about anyone access to the amazing advantages of reality data.”

Perhaps the geospatial firm GEO Jobe summed up this new technology best in its tweet with a single word – WOW!

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Chapter 3: Partnering to disrupt

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