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Around the world. Every day. Any application.

Whether it is paving a highway in India or working on a water supply project in Iraq our users are working diligently to further not only the industry but global society.

At Hexagon Geosystems, we are honoured to be a part of this, supporting them with precise and accurate instruments, sophisticated software, and trusted services. We deliver value every day to those shaping the future of our world, and we thank them for all that they do continuously, tirelessly, decisively. Here, we feature a few of our users in the field doing what they do best - shaping smart change for a better world.

Share with us how you are solving complex daily challenges using Geosystems solutions. Send us your photos at to be featured in our Reporter magazine.

Smart Antenna 

Preparing hydraulic profiles in a river in Martinique, French Caribbean, using Leica Viva GS10 (inside the backpack) and Leica AS10 GNSS Compact Antenna by Cabinet Fuchs.


GNSS antenna

Oil exploration project in Iraq using Leica Viva GNSS by Ali Majeed Alghaneem



Hydro power project in Malaysia using Leica TS11 by Sameer Sharma


GNSS in the desert

SGRC team surveying in Egypt using Leica GS15 and Leica GS05 AS05 by Sherif Ezzat


customers and total station

Water supply improvement project in Iraq, Kurdistan using Leica TPS09 by Jwan Ebrahem


Total station_customer_photo

 Building project in Kurdistan using a TS06 Plus by Hwshiar Omar


3D smart paving

Highway project between Mehsana and Himatnagar in India using Leica PaveSmart 3D paving solutions by Nehru Deepak



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라이카지오시스템즈의 영업, 지원 및 기술 서비스팀 연락처를 찾아보세요.