Preliminary agendas for HxGN LIVE Geosystems Track now available

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HxGN LIVE 2017 takes place 13-16 June in Las Vegas, USA.

With more than 100 future forward-thinking presentations in the Geosystems Track at HxGN LIVE, check out the preliminary sessions you could attend. Register Now.

Surveying & Infrastructure


From user case studies to product development, dive into the world of of total stations, MultiStations, GNSS, UAVs and more. Be on the lookout for sessions in this sub-track such as:

  • Keeping high-rise buildings vertical with the Leica MultiStation
  • Combining technologies for a complex engineering project
  • Campaign monitoring – more flexibility, same great performance

Download the Surveying & Infrastructure preliminary agenda.

Laser Scanning/HDS


With more than 50 high-quality presentations alone, this sub-track is one of the highest attended for the entire conference. Explore the world of 3D point clouds, laser scanners, visualisation software, mobile reality capture and more. Watch out for sessions in this sub-track such as:

  • Intro to laser scanning
  • Optimised workflows for floor flatness in CloudWorx
  • The future of laser scanning

Download the Laser Scanning/HDS preliminary agenda.

Geospatial Solutions

Learn about complete workflows as you move through data capturing, post processing to information generation. Explore sessions in this sub-track such as:

  • Future Talk: The world in 3D – Demand by a new growing market?
  • Competitive or Complementary: Single Photon LiDAR vs Linear LiDAR Mode
  • High efficiency with frame camera operation.

Download the Geospatial Solutions preliminary agenda.

Machine Control & Heavy Construction

On-machine guidance solutions with full connectivity bring increased productivity on any site. Learn more during sessions in this sub-track, such as:

  • Skilled operators: The most important components of Machine Control
  • Digitising roadwork
  • Productivity gains made by moving 3D models directly into the construction world

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If you register before Monday, 6 March, you will receive the Early Bird Rate, a savings of $600 off the regular price.

After that, the Act Fast Rate, a savings of $500, will be offered until 1 May.

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