Centralising all monitoring information to a single serve for fast decisions

Michael Rutschmann

Michael Rutschmann
Leica Geosystems Senior Product Manager for Monitoring

"The latest innovations from Leica GeoMoS"





The latest version of Leica GeoMoS combines and manages monitoring data to a centralised web server. The monitoring platform supports the handling of any data delivered from inter-ferometric radar IDS, geodetic sensors TPS/GNSS, and geotechnical and environmental sensors. The web server is the central component to manage all monitoring data for further visualisation and reporting. At any time (24/7), the web server will automatically display high quality information. The information is always available in an easily understandable form and is available to all stakeholders, including surveyors, geotechnical engineers and mine operation managers by simply using a web browser, at any time on any device. This presentation will also unveil a new development - the new Leica Captivate Monitoring App optimising measurement campaigns and data quality checks in the field, and is fully supported by GeoMoS Now! with easy-to-use workflows.

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