Программное обеспечение

Логотип программного обеспечения для захвата реальности Leica Geosystems для линейки рабочих процессов

Являясь лидером рынка программного обеспечения для захвата реальности, Leica Geosystems разработала продукты, дающие пользователям возможность эффективно и профессионально захватывать, подготавливать, управлять и анализировать данные захвата реальности. Программное обеспечение Leica Geosystems предоставляет пользователям широкие возможности на всех этапах рабочего процесса – с момента начала захвата 3D-данных до создания 3D-модели, анализа и работы с клиентами.


High quality deliverables begin with high quality data. Capture the right data and start working with it immediately by connecting directly to your laser scanner for device control, pre-aligning data, capturing GeoTags, and even preparing floor plans in the field – all with best-practice data retention.


Prepare point cloud data in the field, conduct final registration, and publish with Leica Geosystems reality capture software. Leica Cyclone REGISTER 360 PLUS connects to your sensor and Cyclone FIELD 360 so you can stream data and take fast and full advantage of field work. Publish data to industry standard formats, our internal LGS format, or Leica Cyclone ENTERPRISE.


Leica Geosystems offers data management software to meet the needs of any project. LGS files store points, images, GeoTags, measurements, markups, models, and more and can be used in analysis and deliverable creation products. For enterprise-level teams, Leica Cyclone ENTERPRISE serves as a single source of truth deployed locally or in the cloud for worldwide collaboration.


With Leica Geosystems analysis software, data goes from points and images to functional deliverables that enable clients to make data-driven decisions. Produce your deliverables directly in a CAD package with Leica CloudWorx, use Leica Cyclone 3DR for all-in-one modelling and analysis, or work with an industry-specific package like Leica Map360 for forensic investigations.

Powered by JetStream

Leica Geosystems offers a collection of exclusively developed software leveraging JetStream technology to enable smart, publish-once workflows. Powered by JetStream products support simple, integrated workflows, delivering instant visualisations and full data access for in-field applications, automated BIM extractions, mesh models, and more.

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