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We are professional, innovative, committed and customer-oriented – always with a focus on service optimisation for our customers. We know the importance of loyal and reliable employees. Most of all those who control the processes: our project managers.

Pascal Brunner is one of them. He is a dedicated free spirit and always tries to keep a cool head. This allows him to sort his thoughts and devote himself, full of new ideas, to upcoming projects. His strategy: sports and fresh air. Regularly, he enjoys the panorama of the Swiss Alps on motorcycle or bike tours.

In spring 2018, Pascal became part of our team and felt accepted ever since. The enthusiastic support of his experienced colleagues in his introductory period immediately made him feel secure and confident in his position as a project manager. Some projects bring Pascal and his team to their limits, but so far, they have mastered every challenge together and always achieved great results: “The quality of our products is always most important. Sometimes precision is more important than speed,” the passionate biker says and smiles.


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