Leica Cyclone FIELDWORX – Capture and Prepare Scan Data

Enhancing the in-field reality capture workflow


Leica Cyclone FIELDWORX is a new in-field software application designed for use with the Leica ScanStation P-Series 3D laser scanners. It provides a simple user interface (UI) that is streamlined to working with touch-enabled Windows® tablet computers. Cyclone FIELDWORX provides the user with the ability to complete a geo-referenced registration of a single setup on-site with survey-grade accuracy, in a matter of minutes. The individual geo-referenced setups can be quickly delivered as PTS or E57 files for immediate downstream use.

Cyclone FIELDWORX is based on the powerful and best-in-class registration capabilities of the Leica Cyclone REGISTER workflow leveraging its registration algorithms, and features a streamlined user interface designed to be touch-friendly with a straightforward, guided workflow. This guided workflow directs the user from connection to the ScanStation P-Series laser scanner to publishing the captured data in four easy steps:

  • Capture: connect to a ScanStation P-Series laser scanner through wired or WiFi connection
  • Acquire: Auto target acquisition guided by survey control lines
  • Register: Auto-registration of single setups against survey control
  • Publish: Publish setups to E57 or PTS for immediate consumption in industry-specific analysis tools

Cyclone FIELDWORX is the only product in the Leica Geosystems reality capture software portfolio that can transfer real-time scan data to complete, in-field geo-referenced registration and publish industry-standard formats for use downstream in design and analysis packages. Once scanning is complete, data import begins automatically, targets are acquired and when three or more targets are matched to the control file, registration proceeds automatically which helps the user make better informed decisions directly in the field.

Manual interaction has been minimised thanks to smart automation and clever algorithms, eliminating the need for data preparation in the office by allowing deliverables to be created and consumed directly in the field. These deliverables can be used across the Cyclone REGISTER, Cyclone MODEL, Cyclone 3DR and Leica CloudWorx portfolio via IMP consumption. Plus, E57 and PTS files which can be consumed on Leica Geosystems software portfolio and third-party applications.

The main differences between Cyclone FIELDWORX and Cyclone FIELD 360 are:

  • Cyclone FIELDWORX can only control the ScanStation P-series laser scanners

  • Cyclone FIELDWORX transfers the full project data from the laser scanner to the tablet computer in real time rather than a lightweight preview object

  • Cyclone FIELDWORX supports target-based registration rather than pre-alignment based on manual visual alignment and VIS technology

  • Cyclone FIELDWORX does not require an import stage in the office - project files are created instantly in the field

When to invest
Cyclone FIELDWORX is ideal for existing ScanStation P30/P40 and P50 users, when survey-grade accuracy and immediate in-field registration is a must for your project and when a consumable file for use in a third-party field application is required. For example, if a construction company crew at a construction site need geo-referenced scan data to perform BIM verification analysis without going back to office or a dynamic tunnel boring face that requires real-time data capture, analysis and verification before proceeding forward with drilling.

What’s next?
Cyclone FIELDWORX will look to expand its sensor support, support group registration and support for publishing additional file formats - it will most certainly support greater flexibility of project management. At Leica Geosystems, we are committed to strengthening our software portfolio and will continue to tightly integrate Cyclone FIELDWORX within the overall Leica Geosystems reality capture workflow.

Farid Javadnejad

Product Engineer, Laser Scanning Software
Reality Capture Division

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Get in contact with us for more information about our laser scanning portfolio.

Cyclone 3DR Online Learning

Leica Geosystems has developed an online learning platform to educate customers further to use their investment functionality to the maximum.
Leica Geosystems has developed an online learning platform to educate customers further to use their investment functionality to the maximum.

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In a world of fast changing technologies and visualisation there has never been a better way to interact, measure and share environments than with Leica Cyclone.