Expert training at HxGN LIVE 2016


HxGN LIVE 2016 takes place 13-16 June in Anaheim, California, USA.

To kick-off HxGN LIVE 2016, the Geosystems Track will focus the first day, 13 June, on expert training. To find out more about this training, we sat down with Training Director Michael Harvey to find out just what you can expect in these hands-on sessions.

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What is Geosystems Training offering this year?

Geosystems will be offering a full compliment of training at the conference again this year. Currently we have 19 classes that customers can choose from that include:

  • High Definition Surveying Topics

  • GNSS Topics

  • Monitoring

  • Public Safety

  • Best Practices for viewing Point Cloud Data over the web

  • And more.

Session 1110 – we cover the latest field workflows for the ScanStation P30 and P40 (Session 1110). In this class we will have areas areas set up where customers will get hands on experience with the on-board traversing functionality, using resection with the scanner, and scanning with a free station collection method.

Session 1111 – we will go over the latest workflows to process scanning data for surveying deliverables. This will include topics like virtual surveying, alignments, and using the points on a grid tools.

Session 1113 – we dive deeper into our ever popular TruView products and especially our TruView Global products (Session 1113). This class will go over site security, to best deployment options. We’ll cover how to add in GeoTags or Hotlinks into TruViews as well as including a Revit model into a TruView. Leica_Cyclone_9.0_modelspac


Session 1114 – our ever popular Cyclone Tips and Tricks class. This is where we go over the several little ‘hidden gems’ in the software that can streamline workflows and eliminate button clicks.

Session 1116 – we cover all the different workflows that are part of creating Plant deliverables from Cyclone. This will take a deeper look into the different methods to model aspects of a plant as well as using fitting libraries.

Session 118 – a class on Building Information Modelling (BIM) workflows. BIM is a hot topic right now and this class will look at workflows in the CloudWorx for Revit software as well as the CloudWorx for Navisworks software. Customers will learn about using fitters to make their models as well as Clash Checking and Anti-Clash Checking.

Session 1119 – a class for the Public Safety folks on using the new IMS Map360 product. This platform is able to take in data from multiple sensors into a single package where officers can create scene diagrams to help with their investigations.

Session 1120 – we highlight processing point clouds in MicroSurvey CAD. Point cloud processing in MSCAD has taken on a new look and this class will dive into those workflows.

Session 1121 – our most popular CloudWorx product where we will use the CloudWorx tools in Civil3D. This class will cover the simplified methods to control a User Coordinate System to creating points on a grid with the smart picking tools for TIN creation.

Session 1130 – a very unique class where we will look at how to take measurements from images in the Captivate software. While out in the field, users of Captivate have the ability to take several images to augment their field work. Why not use these images to fill in ‘gaps’ in the field so that site re-visits can be reduced?

Session 1133 – we take a deep look into Geodesy and where the GNSS community is going. This will look into all of the different acronyms in the industry and offer some insight on the future of GNSS.

Session 1136 – a class that looks at full field to finish workflows that use the latest advancements in Infinity. A very powerful processing tool for the surveying professional, Infinity is a complete workflow. In this class, will dive a bit deeper into this concept.

There are several other classes as well so I encourage attendees to look at the full list.

Who provides this training?

The staff of trainers are a collection of industry experts which include the HDS Training staff as well as members of the software development team.


One of our trainers, Ken Jones, is still an active Reserve Police Officer where he will be teaching our Public Safety classes.

Tim Woodruff has been involved with laser scanning for more than 15 years. He trains new customers in the use of Leica Geosystems ScanStations.

Matthew Mizell is a regular contributer to Leica Geosystems training materials, from written material to video tutorials.

Karen Hughes is another one of our trainers with 15+ years in laser scanning. She specialises in Civil/Survey, Public Safety, Academia and Historic Preservation. Her attention to correct procedures in teaching laser scanning brings customers back asking for her as their trainer.

These are just a few of the expert trainers we will have on hand, providing instruction and guiding attendees through each session.

Why should attendees join the training sessions?

This year we will be able to offer CEU credits for several of the training classes. So, if you need to earn credits for your professional licensure board, these classes are a great way to get them. Furthermore, these classes will be taught by industry experts. For example, the combined experience on the HDS team is well over 75 years. Chances are, they can find or have direct experience on any application that you may want to deploy your tools on.

Finally, what can attendees expect to get out of the training?

Just about all of the classes are hands on. Customers will get first hand experience with all the tools and software in their classes. If you are looking to get CEUs once you complete the class requirements, you will be invited to ‘register’ with our participating University and your official certificate will be sent to you.

See Geosystems Training Sessions

To register for HxGN LIVE and these training sessions, click here.

Michael Harvey

Michael Harvey is the Leica Geosystems HDS Product Applications Manager. He serves as the HxGN LIVE Training Directory and Plan Contest Chair for the Geosystems Track.

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