Leica Captivate Surveying Field Software

User-friendly field software, providing easy-to-understand data in 2D and 3D for all surveying projects

Leica Captivate is a user-friendly surveying field software designed to help you tackle any surveying task. Be it measuring, viewing or sharing data, everything is done within one software with easy-to-use apps and precise 2D views/3D models. Leica Captivate spans industries and project use cases with little more than a simple tap or swipe, regardless of whether you work with total stations, GNSS or both. Leica Captivate is a user-friendly, versatile andcustomisable surveying field software, designed to tackle any measurement task. It is the best companionfor a variety of measurement instruments including MultiStations, Total Stations, and GNSS receivers. Leica Captivate not only enhances the efficiency of data creation and data understanding, it also embraces collaboration by supporting industrys tandard formats and the sharing of data via numerous cloud services.

Leica Captivate is based on over 20 years of field software research and development with a focus on an enjoyable and fit-for-purpose user interface, a 3D viewer for “3D everything, 3D everywhere” and improving the things you do every day by making all tasks as simple as possible. Watch our short video to discover why Leica Captivate can be the answer to any project requirement.




Direct access to a broad range of external services and support for various data formats ensure you are using up-to-date data everywhere at any stage of a project. Visualise your data to get to know it. Extract, calculate and prepare the required information to be ready for the fieldwork.


Direct data exchange between office-to-field and field-to-office allows your team to work efficiently with correct data. Onsite, measure everything as planned and in the office, understand what was measured in the field. Infinity supports all surveying sensors and tasks.


Built-in processing tools ensure traceability and reliable results. Combine data and create point clouds, surfaces, comparisons and much more. Comprehensive reporting on each step of the way ensures you are in complete control of your data.


Infinitely connected throughout the entire workflow cycle. Share the data at any stage of a project and deliver required high-quality results using integrated services.

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