Leica Geosystems Airborne Systems - Airborne Software - HxMap

Leica HxMap

High-performance post-processing workflow for airborne sensors.

Leica XPro

High-efficiency production workflow for Leica ADS.

Leica LiDAR Survey Studio Software

Leica LiDAR Survey Studio

Leica LiDAR Survey Studio (LSS) post-processing software suite represents a major step in sensor fusion and increased post-processing productivity.

Leica MissionPro

Leica MissionPro

Advanced 3D mission planning software for all sensors systems.

Leica FlightPro

Leica FlightPro

Multisensor control software for all sensor systems.

Airborne LiDAR Mapping Webinar

Leica TerrainMapper: New generation LiDAR technology for mapping of complex terrain

Leica RealCity Webinar

Urban mapping made easy with new generation airborne sensor technology.