Reality Capture

Sun Hill Surveying & Engineering - Scanning by road and river

Sun Hill Surveying & Engineering - Scanning by road and river

In 2022, Sun Hill was tasked to undertake a complete survey of Westminster Bridge. This required the combination of both vehicle and boat mounted scans, with the aim of producing a topographical survey for the top of the bridge, extracted elevations for the bridge faces, and the delivery of combined point clouds for the entirety of the bridge.

Preservation of industrial architecture at Horgan’s Quay Cork

BAM Ireland - Preservation of industrial architecture at Horgans Quay Cork

In 2016, BAM Ireland were awarded the contract to survey and capture the pre-existing structures of the station house, carriage house and other existing infrastructure. This was a pivotal step in preserving the heritage of the site throughout the construction site.

Digital Dry Dock 20 metre classic Race Yacht Performance Study

Digital Dry Dock 20 metre classic Race Yacht Performance Study

European shipyard uses a digital twin to plan the design and build of modifications to a ship before it arrives at the facility.

Output Precision Improve Efficiency With High-definition Scanning

Improve efficiency with High-Definition Scanning

Output Precision Improve Efficiency With High-definition Scanning

Getmapping - Maintaining Danish Highways - Driving operational efficiencies

Maintaining Danish Highways Driving operational efficiencies

A national road network is one of the most important pieces of infrastructure any country will ever built and maintain. Ensuring that these public highways are kept to the highest possible standard results in a dramatic increase in public safety, however it is possible for some roads are not kept to the standards required.

Increased Efficiency with Reality Capture Solutions - Castle Surveys

Increased Efficiency with Reality Capture Solutions - Castle Surveys

Castle Surveys are Geomatic Surveyors that specialise in measured building surveys, topographic land surveys & mapping, 3D laser scanning/point clouds & existing BIM models, site engineering & setting out, underground utility and CCTV drainage surveys.

Protecting the coastlines of the North West British Isles

Protecting the coastlines of the North West British Isles

The North West Strategic Regional Coastal Monitoring Programme was established in 2008 to coordinate the collection of coastal monitoring data for the north west coast of England.

Bayer House - Moving on with reality capture solutions

Bayer House - Moving on with reality capture solutions

Survey Hub use their efficient and accurate survey practices to produce 2D floor plans, elevations, and roof plan of Bayer House in Newbury from point cloud data.

Resi - Transitioning from 2D to 3D with terrestrial laser scanning

Resi - Transitioning from 2D to 3D with terrestrial laser scanning

The new Leica RCD30 camera is presently the only one in the market which is able to collect 80 MP RGBN multispectral imagery perfectly co-registered.

Catsurveys Telecoms Topological Surveying And Data Capture

Telecoms Topological Surveying and Data Capture

Catsurveys, an award-winning, multidisciplinary surveying business invests in the Leica Pegasus: Two Ultimate Mobile Sensor Platform

Creating a 3D map of the world’s largest volcanic cave to aid future space missions

Deploying 3D Terrestrial Laser Scanning and Mobile Mapping solutions, resulting in the first ever 3D replica of the largest lava tube on Earth.

High-density airborne LiDAR sensor ideal for challenging coastal survey of Sylt

Arctia-Meritaito efficiently produced a seamless digital terrain model of land and water along the shallow coastal areas of the German island of Sylt using a Leica Chiroptera 4X airborne bathymetric sensor.

Creating an interactive 3D model of a cave in a world-famous glacier

Laser scanning technology supports the creation of an interactive 3D model of a cave inside the world-famous Perito Moreno glacier in Argentina.

Laser Scanning makes its mark in Melbourne’s largest rail project

Leica ScanStation P40 makes its mark in Melbourne’s largest public transport infrastructure project.

Preserving a Roman ‘Billionaire’s Villa’ with 3D laser scanning

Digitally documenting an important archaeological site and one of the largest ancient mosaics in the world with laser scanning technology.

Merging state-of-the-art with heritage: bringing new life to a historical structure with 3D laser scanning

Capturing tight spaces with the smallest imaging laser scanner for heritage buildings in Australia.

3D cave mapping with handheld and terrestrial laser scanning

Geographic agency Vigea, used Leica Geosystems laser scanning technology to capture the ‘Tana della Mussina’ cave.

Verifying absolute accuracy for records to help the world

Using the Leica RTC360 3D laser scanner to measure the world’s largest canvas painting by British artist, Sacha Jafri.

Using 3D laser scanning to detect structural changes in salt and ice caves

3D models help researchers to understand geological processes in Chile and Italy.

Bridge over troubled water

Using 3D laser scanning to capture the new Höllentalklamm (Hell’s Gorge) bridge, a unique natural spectacle 1,000m high in the German Alps near Garmisch-Partenkirchenis.

Heritage-BIM model to future proof an Opera House

The Saigon Opera House, one of Ho Chi Minh City’s most elegant and historical cultural assets, has a new digital identity to manage, preserve and protect this iconic building.

The faster road to mobile data capture

Australia's largest surveying and spatial provider, Veris, adds two Leica Pegasus:Two Ultimate Mobile Sensor Platforms to their fleet

Reality Capture plays central role in National Geographic’s Lost Cities with Albert Lin

High-definition 3D mapping specialists Visualskies provide a bespoke 3D scanning service for a ground-breaking new TV series for National Geographic.

Rescue Mission: Using reality capture to plan the re-development of a former convent

Buildgest Civil Engineering, Portugal, use a combination of laser scanning solutions to carry out a complete geometric survey to plan the re-development of a former convent.

Laser scanning has transformed efficiency for Faithful Registered Surveying in Japan

Faithful Registered Surveying increased the speed and efficiency of its on-site survey work by introducing the Leica BLK360 imaging laser scanner to their workflow.

Recipe for Success: 3D laser scanning for tank inspections

PT Wilmar Indonesia, part of Wilmar International Limited, use 3D laser scanning solutions to inspect a 45-metre-tall tank of flour.

Blockbuster Scanning: Using LiDAR for Joker & John Wick

Aura FX use the ScanStation P50 for high-resolution, fast laser scanning to provide on-set data acquisition services for the film and gaming industries.

Processing LiDAR at the Speed of Light

SolSpec delivers information in a fraction of the time using Leica HxMap and the SolSpec Engine on the cloud.

South Korean smart cities combine 3D digital models with GIS and BIM

Leica CityMapper and HxMap reduce time and cost of building digital twins.

Improvements in airborne scanning technology boost productivity

Leica TerrainMapper meets the challenges of large area mapping.

Putting the RTC360 LT to the test for boat & marine applications

Blue Marble Marine used the Leica RTC360 LT 3D laser scanner to efficiently capture marine structures such as boat hulls, superstructures and maritime equipment.

Gilbert-Ash Constructs Mayhew Theatre

Gilbert-Ash invested in a Leica BLK360 to help them achieve success with the construction of the Mayhew Theatre at the UK Foreign & Commonwealth Office in London.

Leaving a legacy in Vietnam with surveying & laser scanning technology

Leica Geosystems technology supports the creation of a complete 3D BIM model of Port Phu My and the resulting data provides a digital twin of the entire site for ongoing inspection and maintenance.

Protecting the Alpine Rhine Valley from flooding

Experts from ETH Zurich create digital terrain models from hydraulic models using laser scanning technology to optimise river planning and flood prevention in the Alpine Rhine in Switzerland and Austria.

The full laser scan survey of a Grade II* Listed historic building

Using a combination of Leica Geosystems technology to undertake a full laser scan survey of Oxford Town Hall Grade II* listed building in the centre of Oxford, UK.

Using laser scanning technology for retail redevelopment

RM Surveys integrate the Leica RTC360 3D laser scanner for the redevelopment of a Perth shopping centre.

Capturing reality in one of the world’s busiest airports

Changi Airport Group (CAG) invested in the latest laser scanning technology to maintain its facilities to the highest standards.

Fighting Time and Tide to Capture a 5-hectare Coastal Construction Site in 3D

Using 3D laser scanning solutions to visualise Hyosung Vina Chemicals Port, Vietnam.

Preserving Romania’s Speleological Heritage with point cloud and GNSS Data

3D laser scanning and GNSS sensors were used to generate data to study and manage a 6,298-metre cave in Romania

Combining bathymetry and lidar data for a fast-turnaround topographic survey

Collecting bathymetric data on the river bottom and bridge substructure with multibeam sonar as well as capturing above- and below-waterline mobile mapping data with the Leica Pegasus: Two mobile sensor platform in Idaho, USA.

How Hollis Captures, Processes, Manages and Delivers Reality Capture data

From data collection to delivery, building consultancy firm Hollis used a full end-to-end Leica Geosystems solution to capture and model a 16,000-square-metre building in the United Kingdom.

Unveiling the mystery - an ancient water clock with laser scanning

Using laser scanning technology to digitally reconstruct a medieval water clock in Morocco

Inspecting dams for sustainable hydropower

When you approach Lai da Nalps, a reservoir in the municipality of Tujetsch, Grisons, Switzer-land, the massive dam structure of 127 metres height and 480 metres width opens majestically already from the distance.

Unveiling the tomb of an ancient Egyptian priest

Mexican archaeologists use laser scanning to restore a pharaonic tomb dating back to 1500 B.C. in Egypt

Digitally preserving Hukuru Miskiy

Documenting digitally Malé Hukuru Miskiy and its exceptional coral stone carvings in the Maldives

Scans, spans and automobiles

Amey Roads uses BLK360 to survey bridges in Northern Ireland

Revolutionising the luxury yacht building industry with laser scanning

3D laser scanning revolutionises the luxury yacht building industry in the Netherlands

Documenting London’s boroughs to solve parking problem

Helping drivers find and reserve parking spaces across London with mobile mapping

Surpassing customer needs with 3D laser scanning

Capturing 3D point cloud data to create accurate as-built 3D models for AEC customers in Japan


Revolutionising Smart Factories with reality capture

Digitalising warehouses with laser scanning to design modern automated factories around the world

Mapping crashes and collisions at record speed

Leica RTC360 laser scanner satisfies the SAPD Collision Investigations Unit’s need for speed in the United States

Transforming reality into photorealistic Virtual Reality with laser scanning

Creating engaging VR trainings for public safety with the RTC360 in England

Beyond Reality. Digital Reality’s Next Frontier

Hexagon’s Geosystems Division President Juergen Dold presented ideas and case studies where the entire planet can be digitised at HxGN LIVE in Las Vegas, USA

Creating new 3D experiences and services for real estate

Redefining speed and quality to create a wide range of deliverables for the real estate industry using the Leica BLK360 in the United Kingdom

Digitalising from planning to execution

Brandsma Digitaal Meten provides smart solutions covering the full life cycle of projects in the Netherlands

How Element6 delivers the future of plant engineering with laser scanning

Using laser scanning with a digital Virtual Plant Design approach to create an innovative business model in the United States

Digitising the construction site from the air

Leica Geosystems UAV technology brings the construction site into the digital age and turns data into intelligent information to improve decisionmaking processes

Laser scanning from heights

Laser scanning at a 6-metre height and 20 kilometres per hour with the RTC360 mounted on a vehicle tripod in Italy

Visualising the destruction, creation of an Atlanta landmark

How Multivista helped transform the Georgia Dome into The Home Depot Backyard in the United States

Behind the scenes of the fastest laser scanner on the market

Revealing the secrets behind the world´s fastest 3D laser scanner, the Leica RTC360.

70 Miles of highway mapping to full engineering design in 99 days

Completing a demanding 70-mile highway mapping project in only 99 days in the United States

Using UAV for bridge inspection

By creating highly precise data for bridge inspections, AiviewGroup is getting ahead in surveying, maintaining and inspecting.

How to measure an island

Using the UAV by Leica Geosystems, Atlantic Geomatics surveyed a cultural heritage site using a new workflow.

Capturing Fast and Accurate Data for Highways England Area

Mapping the last frontier

Mapping the last frontier

Measuring the depths of lakes in Alaska with the Chiroptera.

Exploring the surface below water

Exploring shallow water environments for new markets.

Revolution in motion

Safely surveying a busy roadway with the Pegasus:Two.

Advancing geomatics techniques for heritage restoration

Learning to preserve historical and architectural heritage in India at an International documentation workshop

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