Webinar: Utilising point cloud data to support the efficient execution of industrial surveying projects

This webinar has already taken place. Watch the recording below.

Capturing and documenting the as-built design, is the first challenge in any plant design project. The next is how to utilise the information effectively to design modifications to the plant. Projects need to be executed efficiently and accurately if problems are to be avoided during pre-fabrication and construction so that plant downtime is minimised.

Rather than use traditional error-prone and time-consuming manual methods, laser scanning is employed to capture reality in the form of a high-quality, high-accuracy point cloud data enabling a virtual representation of the plant which can be visualised on a designer’s desktop. Here it can be used to create a 3D as-built model of the plant, providing an accurate reference needed to support completion of new design work.

Watch this webinar to discover how Leica Geosystems’ laser scanning software solutions and Hexagon PPM’s CADWorx Plant Professional software solutions can be used together to support the efficient execution of industrial design projects. Learn how you can quickly develop accurate specification-based plant design models and generate fabrication and construction deliverables from point-clouds with ease.

The webinar took place on 6th November 2019. To register watch the recording, please click the below button.

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Une question ? Vous souhaitez voir une démonstration ?