Integrate all utility mapping with the new Leica DX Manager

The New Leica DX Manager is the only enterprise grade utility mapping solution on the market.

Whether you’re using the Leica ULTRA, UTILIFINDER+, DIGICAT i-Series 600 and above or xf-Series 600 and above, or DS2000 you can now bring all your underground tasks and data into one easy and convenient cloud interface. The Leica DX Manager gives you the control to update drawings, raw data, location pictures, data layers and mobile forms remotely in real time at an enterprise level.

"The Leica DX Manager empowers project managers to have a better understanding of the the current situation on any of their field projects and merge data from all Leica Geosystems detection products," said Tughan Telatar, Leica Geosystems Tools Division product manager. "With a simple and efficient central dashboard, they can track operations, receive the data from field in real time, maintain the integrity of the data, merge the data, and export to a digital format."

Maximise for productivity

Utility Mapping

The DX Manager shares data between all devices and users within an organisation. A simple online portal allows management of all aspects of documenting utility location tasks. Field acquired survey data becomes instantly available and can be accessed by users anytime and anywhere for

  • Simplified processes
  • Improved data quality and accuracy
  • Consistent data collection

Also available in a convenient mobile app, maximum productivity and an unbeatable user experience are achieved. The DX Manager's notifications steadily monitor all systems, delivering work orders, time tracking and document management.

Committed to your success

Utility Mapping

All of Leica Geosystems detection solutions are covered by our Active Customer Care, including:

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    Worldwide support organisation that includes hotlines, web-based support, informative seminars and web broadcasts, customised training courses and consulting services.
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    Wide range of technical services, all conducted by highly qualified technicians utilising professional tools.
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    Hundreds of service centres in countries all over the world, operated by Leica Geosystems or certified local distribution partners

With Customer Care Packages (CCPs), you have instant access to a global network of professional support and service teams there to keep you working.

Finally, the myWorld online portal provides benefits to increase your productivity:

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    Profit from myWorld detailed service records that allow you to better plan equipment deployment.
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    Increase your product knowledge and productivity.
  • mySupport
    Professional support at your convenience enables you to maintain maximum productivity.

To learn how you can streamline your detection operations, contact your local Leica Geosystems representative today.

Case Studies

Découvrez comment les clients de partout dans le monde déploient des solutions Leica Geosystems pour leurs projets.
Découvrez comment les clients de partout dans le monde déploient des solutions Leica Geosystems pour leurs projets.

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Une question ? Vous souhaitez voir une démonstration ?