The secret behind AutoHeight


Author: Reka Vasszi

Up to now, the height of the total station was measured manually with analogue tapes, potentially leading to missing traceability and inconspicuous height errors in the final point measurements. To ensure accurate and reliable instrument heights and enable the operator to finish the station setup quickly and more efficiently, the Leica FlexLine TS07 and TS10 manual total stations were developed with a unique feature to automatically measure instrument height.

The manual total stations enable highly accurate instrument readings, thus mistakes within tolerances can be avoided, saving time and increasing productivity. With a user-friendly design, the new FlexLine Series manual total stations do not require special knowledge to operate, making it easier to do stakeouts and collect reliable data.

Two functionalities in one sensor

AutoHeight is an innovative function built in the TS07 (optional) and TS10 manual total stations (standard) for getting the instrument height with a simple button press. Combining the downward-facing laser plummet with an electro-optical distance measurement (EDM) system, the sensor uses the pointer mode for centring above ground and the EDM mode for taking heights. The instrument height can, in this way, directly be measured where the visible laser hits the ground and then applied inside the Setup App. AutoHeight can also measure any surface and does not require a specific target.

This integrated feature speeds up the Station Setup, enabling the operator to quickly focus on the actual working task instead of losing time on manually measuring the total station’s instrument height.

Delivering projects on schedule, on budget, with minimal downtime

Communication delays between the job site, operators, design office, and engineering can be costly and aggravating. Taking advantage of emerging technologies, companies can embrace state-of-the-art equipment to manage the complex tasks, costs, schedules and improve the safety, efficiency and quality of building projects.

Automating tasks using advanced technology, such as modern manual total stations, is an easy way to reduce on-site time pressure. The FlexLine offers industry-leading quality and durability even in harsh environments, whilst simplifying workflows and data collection.

Investing in modern equipment that automatise previously manually coordinated tasks, such as measuring the total station's height, can result in:

  • Faster and reliable measurements
  • Reducing time spent on rework or remeasurement
  • Accurate audit trail thanks to the documentation on who captured the data, when and where
  • Low learning curve to operate the equipment
  • The lowest total cost of ownership.

Since 2020, AutoHeight is also available for our automated total stations:

Check out our Total Station Comparison chart to find the instrument that best suits your needs.

Whether it’s a new build, large or small-scale alterations, repairs, or refurbishments project, modern equipment can enhance and simplify the entire workflow. With AutoHeight there is no more time lost on tape handling and manual measurement procedures. In addition, it is only a simple button press to gain accurate and reliable total station height. The FlexLine Series is designed to address the challenges of small and large-scale sophisticated civil infrastructure and building construction projects to ensure smooth workflows and increase productivity.

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