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With a projected output growth of 85 per cent by 2030, the construction industry is primed for potential. This potential could see  an industry that today is underperforming in many projects with some taking 20 per cent longer to finish than expected and 80 per cent over budget transform into one of the most efficient and productive fields through the means of digitalisation. To bridge this gap of what it is today to what could be in the future, the construction industry is moving more and more toward smart digital solutions.

Take for instance Greenland. I spent some time there during my studies and fell in love with the country and its people, even though the remoteness and weather were challenging. As Qaqortoq Entreprenørforretning took on these challenges in constructing the country’s longest road, 3D excavation technology for machine control guidance helped them find productivity and efficiencies in a new way. Digitalisation isn’t just about gains, though; it also opens new opportunities. Grupo Toniolo Company not only took the opportunity to use digital machine control technology for the first time in the removal of 33,000 square metres of solid rock in the form of a cofferdam on the Madeira River in the Amazon of Brasil, they  also used software for remote access connectivity directly to field operations. Through this connection, the firm was able to bring together its customer and onsite professionals in a new ecosystem of information sharing.

Digitalisation in the construction industry brings about smart change, which will lead the industry to realising its full potential. A level of speed and precision never before achieved was realised by the surveying and geo-information centre office Schwing & Dr. Neureither in Germany when combining digital technologies into one solution. When building a movable steel roof of a thermal bath, the use of a MultiStation allowed the project to change from analogue plans that reduced work load. Going digital also enables the means to create digital realities where construction professionals can see and understand what is missing on a site. Using laser scanning technology, Sertogal SL created a full Building Information Model (BIM) for the remodelling and expansion of an electrical substation in Spain. Operating in this digital reality, the firm could alert stakeholders to required revisions and further improve design and final layout.

Helping the construction industry move to smart digital sites to save time and resources is what we are all about. Enjoy your read.

Jürgen Dold


Juergen Dold
President, Hexagon Geosystems



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