Leica MCP80 3D Machine Control Panel & Leica MDS Series Docking Station

Machine Control panel and docking station for all 3D applications in heavy construction


The Leica MCP80 machine control panel, together with the intelligent Leica MDS docking station, is the one-for-all machine control hardware solution for applications in heavy construction. All 3D machine control software solutions are compatible with the MCP80 panel.

The one-for-all machine control panel
The MCP80 has one common interface across all 3D machine control applications, making it interchangeable between any heavy construction machines. As a result, operators need to be trained on one 3D panel only.

Machine specific data such as calibration values and hydraulic parameters are stored in the docking station. In this way, the panel can be used on any other machine without the risk of losing machine data. The operator can take the personalised panel from one machine to the other.

Ready for harsh environments
The panel and docking station have a very robust design and structure for operation even in the harshest environments. All cable connections are mounted on the Leica MDS docking station – making the MCP80 panel fully cable-free. Both, panel and docking station are certified with an IP66 and IP67 rating, which means they are fully protected from dust and water penetration.

Easy-to-use and customisable
With a customer-centered design, an 8” full colour touch-screen and backlit buttons, the MCP80 panel is designed to bring ease-of-use. It connects to the docking station for simple installation. Leica Geosystems delivers three variants of docking stations, the Leica MDS10, MDS20 and MDS30, to face customer needs all over the world.

New hardware platform from Leica Geosystems Machine Control

New machine control hardware platform: Leica MCP80 panel and MDS series docking station.

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Temukan kontak Leica Geosystems Anda untuk kebutuhan penjualan, dukungan dan layanan teknis.