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Preparing for Leap Second 2016

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Leica GNSS Spider

It is highly recommended to update your Leica GNSS Spider installation to v6.2. This version contains some important improvements to:

  • Be more resistant against wrong incoming leap second information from reference station receivers with potentially erroneous firmware
  • Repair erroneous RTCM data streams, so that data of such sites can still be used in the network
  • Check the incoming and used leap second information of the system
  • Force a certain leap second value in case automatic handling should fail

If you are running any older version of GNSS Spider, you may experience limitations.

The latest version GNSS Spider v6.2 has some newly built in functionality to trouble-shoot and solve any remaining issue easily and quickly.

The Release Notes of Leica GNSS Spider v6.2 explain all this new functionality in detail. Therefore, please read this document carefully and pay particular attention to all “Leap Second” sections. Find the document on myWorld.

Leica SpiderWeb

Coordinate computation service needs to be prepared. As this service is using Leica Geo Office (LGO) for the coordinate computation, LGO needs to know about the new leap second value valid from 1.1.2017 onward. All versions of Leica SpiderWeb and all versions of LGO are affected.

To update the information about the past and current leap second validity, a registry key file has to be installed (download this file here, unzip it, copy to the SpiderWeb machine and double-click on the *.reg file). This will store the information into the registry for the currently logged in user and for the “Local System account” running the “SpiderWebLCGService” Windows service. A restart of the service is not necessary. After this change rover RINEX files collected before and after the leap second change can be processed by the SpiderWeb coordinate computation service.

If you do not run the “SpiderWebLCGService” Windows service under the Local system account (as it is default), but under another account (e.g., Network Service), you will need to add the information into the registry for the respective account that you choose to use.

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Temukan kontak Leica Geosystems Anda untuk kebutuhan penjualan, dukungan dan layanan teknis.