Off the boat into the air

Chapter 2: A 360-degree view from above

A 360-degree view from above

Flying new missions every two weeks with fixed positions throughout the firm’s five-year contract on the project from January 2015 to January 2020, Veseth AS has created its own online gallery of 360-degree images taken with the Aibot X6 and a special installation with a Nikon D800. Since November 2015, the gallery hosts more than 100 photos.

The photos, taken at centimetre accuracy, are used in all construction meetings, helping Statens vegvesen to plan each step of the project. Project management uses the photos for quality control purposes with contractors and other stakeholders. The online gallery is also a new form of communication with the public to show current project status and important steps. “Providing aerial imagery from a UAV is new for us, and the excellent resolution of the pictures of different construction areas is helping the overall project to flow smoothly,” said Mads Solberg Eriksen, Statens vegvesen quality advisor.

“The 360-degree view possible with the Aibot X6 makes project documentation easier and faster.”

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Story: Off the boat, into the air
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Chapter 2: A 360-degree view from above
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Reporter 76

Download your own PDF edition of the "Reporter 76" here.
Download your own PDF edition of the "Reporter 76" here.