Off the boat into the air

Chapter 3: Seeing the whole picture

Seeing the whole picture

Hawkeye AS and Veseth AS are particularly known for their volume calculation of terrain both above and below water. A major challenge to the project has been the mass removal of non-native plants from the natural habitat during the construction of the 11-km tunnel. The firm has been combining several Leica Geosystems solutions for precise volume calculations and documentation. While the Aibot X6 provides a clear view from above for quality control, the firm uses a Leica C10 ScanStation and Leica Cyclone software to create detailed 3D models of the mass to be removed. The Leica TS16 total station and Leica GS 14 GNSS Smart Antenna provide accurate measurements for quantity surveys.

“With Leica Geosystems solutions, we are able to provide the client with the most up-to-date information faster than ever before,” said Stian Veseth, CEO at Veseth AS and a part of the joint venture company Hawkeye AS. “We are able to rely on solutions that work every day like they should, and we have complete access to a network of experienced professionals that we use to stay ahead in business.”

Combining the various solutions, the firm is consistently able to provide the client with a full picture of the worksite from above the ground and below the water of the fjords. One of the biggest infrastructure projects in Norway’s history, the reconstruction of the E39 highways proves how UAVs compliment traditional surveying practices for an even bigger and clearer picture of what exactly is happening.

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Story: Off the boat, into the air
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Chapter 3: Seeing the whole picture

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Download your own PDF edition of the "Reporter 76" here.