Experts at HDS User Group Meeting in Spain strengthen potential of 3D laser scanning


On Thursday, November 6, more than 100 participants attended the second HDS User Group Meeting held by Leica Geosystems Spain in Madrid. Throughout the day, experts had the chance to discuss the use of laser scanning technology and share their experiences of integrating high-precision laser scanner technology in a variety of areas, including architecture, heritage, BIM (Building Information Modeling), civil engineering, accident investigation and reconstruction as well as dimensional control or industrial engineering.

Companies and government agencies such as the Ministry of Culture, IBIM, ML Architects, the Technical University of Madrid, GeoTresDe, the Portuguese engineering companies Geotrilho, Police Alcobendas, URSSA, Navantia, Geograma and CT3 Atlantic Engineers underscored the strength of the day's presentations on engineering projects, designing, modelling, accident reconstruction and dimensional control. All these projects have been carried out with HDS scanners by Leica Geosystems (High Definition Surveying) and processed with the software packages Cyclone and CloudWorx by Leica Geosystems, 3D Reshaper and other applications.

The full-day event included a luncheon which presented great networking possibilities and opportunities to discuss and share experiences and to exchange knowledge. With more than 100 experts filling the plenary hall and participating workshops, Leica Geosystems consolidated and ensured the HDS User Meeting as the annual reference event for leading companies in the laser scanning business.


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