HxGN LIVE 2015 Registration Opens, Hexagon Geosystems Track Calls for Papers

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If you're still pumped from HxGN LIVE 2014 in Las Vegas, you'll be excited to hear that registration for next year's premiere information technologies conference and exhibition is now open.

Register now for HxGN LIVE in Las Vegas 1-4 June 2015 and receive the Priority Rate of only $699. This offer is only good until 12 January 2015, so hurry before rates go up. Click here to register now.

If Las Vegas wasn't enough to contain your geospatial inspirations, for the first time ever, the conference and exhibition is being offered in a second location. HxGN LIVE 2015 will be held in Hong Kong 18-20 November 2015. One Conference, Two Locations.

Click here to learn more about Hexagon's international conference and exhibition, HxGN LIVE 2015.

HxGN LIVE 2015 - Call for Papers

Calling all measurement technologies users, specialists and experts - Leica Geosystems is looking for you!

To an expected audience of more than 3,500 attendees, we want to feature your innovative ideas and excellent experiences at HxGN LIVE 2015 in Las Vegas.

Why present?

With more than 100 anticipated presentations in the Hexagon Geosystems Track pushing the realms of possibilities in measurement and visualisation solutions, our speakers join a league of distinguished professionals throughout the industry. By sharing your knowledge in this prestigious platform, you receive the recognition you deserve and standout in our field.

Presenters also receive complimentary registration to the conference and exhibition along with exclusive access to the speakers' networking event.

What to present?

Our attendees expect the best, and we know you can deliver. We are looking for original and thought-provoking presentations in advanced technology, user testimonials, industry trends, interactive training, dynamic demonstrations and more.

These ideas are presented in one of the four Hexagon Geosystems subtracks of:

  • Surveying & Infrastructure;
  • Laser Scanning/HDS;
  • Machine Control & Construction; and
  • Geospatial Solutions.

How to present?

Ready to share your idea or experience? Then submit your paper, about 150 words of your wisdom, to the respective subtrack owners below. All entries are due by April 6, 2015.

Surveying & Infrastructure: Bettina Dense, bettina.dense@leica-geosystems.com

Laser Scanning/HDS: Geoff Jacobs, geoff.jacobs@leica-geosystems.com

Machine Control & Construction: Johan Arnberg (Acting), johan.arnberg@hexagon.com

Geospatial Solutions: Wolfgang Hesse, wolfgang.hesse@leica-geosystems.com


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