Airborne Customer Care Packages

Service and maintenance solutions for direct access to a world-wide network of airborne support engineers

Airborne CCP

As a reliable business partner, Leica Geosystems offers an extensive range of customer care packages specifically designed for airborne solutions customers. The packages offer access to the international airborne customer support network and the myWorld customer portal for knowledge transfer. Our team of skilled and experienced support engineers and service technicians is committed to help you meet your deadlines and reduce your downtime.

Active Customer Care offers:
  • Easy and fast communication between your site personnel and our support team
  • Well maintained and up-to-date products and software
  • Staff training and support
  • A partnership where we will address your needs

Airborne customer care is a comprehensive global service that allows us not only to support you around the clock, but to stay close and plan innovative solutions for the future. It's our commitment to your success.

Customer Care Packages (CCP)
Get maximum return on investment with our range of CCPs specifically designed to meet the needs of airborne systems customers. A CCP gives you immediate access to our global network of support engineers alongside many further benefits.

Technical services
The wide range of technical services including on-site support, technical support, repairs, preventative maintenance and calibration are carried out by a team of experts. They will ensure your products are ready when and where you need them.

  • Hardware maintenance - Preventative maintenance carried out regularly by experienced technicians
  • Software maintenance - Download software upgrades, improvements and new features from the customer portal
  • Customer support - Access a network of support engineers by phone or online
  • Extended warranty -The first year warranty equals a Silver CCP and can be extended by buying a new CCP
  • Local benefits - Each sales office enhances the CCP with local resources, delivery networks and local language

Customer portal
myWorld is Leica Geosystems' customer portal where you can access a world of knowledge. The platform provides instant product information that helps you keep your equipment and software up to date. The portal ensuring best performance and productivity.

  • View detailed product information
  • Stay up-to-date with the latest documentation
  • Perform automatic on-line software updates easily
  • View the complete service history of your products
  • Have instant access to status of current service cases
  • Create support requests online that are promptly answered by skilled professionals

Contact your local sales representative to discuss the best CCP for your products.

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myWorld offers customers and partners a wide range of services, information and training material.

myWorld offers customers and partners a wide range of services, information and training material.

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