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Preparing for Leap Second 2016

Leap Second Redline
Leica Redline

With the defined SW and ME FW version (6.80 for Redline PowerBox; 3.823 for Redline PowerAntenna), the tracking behavior for GPS, Galileo and BeiDou of all Leica Redline receivers will not be affected over the leap second change. GLONASS tracking will lose lock briefly and recover a few seconds later.

If a Leica Redline receiver is used after the leap second switch, the receiver will have trouble tracking GLONASS signals until a new almanac is downloaded, which can take up to a few minutes. A ME reset will resolve the problem faster and enable users to track GLONASS satellites again.

In case of tracking issues, initialise the almanac to clear almanacs and track GPS only until a new almanac has been received.

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