Leica Viva GS Series – SmartWorx and Captivate

Preparing for Leap Second 2016

Leap Second Captivate

Leica Viva GS Series – SmartWorx and Captivate

With the defined SW and ME FW version (SmartWorx Viva 5.70 for GS10, GS14, GS15 and GS25 with ME4 or OEM6; SmartWorx Viva 6.04 for GS10, GS15, GS16 and GS25 with OEM7; ME FW 6.402 for GS08, GS08plus and GS12; FW 1.13(46) for GS05 and GS06), the tracking behavior for GPS, Galileo and BeiDou of all Leica Geosystems GS receivers will not be affected over the leap second change. GLONASS tracking will lose lock briefly and recover a few seconds later.

If a Leica GS receiver is used after the leap second switch, the receiver should  have no trouble tracking GLONASS signals. If there are nevertheless problems tracking GLONASS satellites, restart the receiver.


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