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Leica DST 360 adapter

Leica DST 360 adapter

The smart adapter for Leica DISTO™ X3 and X4 making them into a DISTO™ station. It enables P2P measurements with the device or even to a full planning tool with the Leica DISTO™ Plan App. The DST 360 adapter is available in an attractive package together with the tripod TRI 120 and a rugged caring case with IP 67 protection.

Art. No. 848783

Leica FTA 360-S and FTA 360 adapter

Leica FTA 360-S and FTA 360 adapter

Sturdy adapter with fine drive for convention and precise targeting. The adapter eases the task for targeting, above all long distances and results in minimum discrepancies when taking indirect measurements. For use in combination with Leica TRI 70, TRI 100, TRI 120 and TRI 200 tripods.

Art. No. 828414 for Leica DISTO™ S910
Art. No. 799301 for Leica DISTO™ D510 and D810 touch

Leica TPD 100 target plate kit

The target plate for improved targeting with digital Pointfinder on long distances. The kit with pole and bubble enables measurement on landmarks and performance of basic surveying tasks with a Leica DISTO™.

Art. No. 6012352.

Leica Target Plates

Leica RGR 200 receiver

One laser receiver for all! Robust IP 65 housing with front and back side display, incl. magnets for ceiling attachment. Locating red and green laser beams at distances up to 80 m. For Leica Lino L2, L2G, L2P5, L2P5G and L4P1.

Art. No. 866 090

Leica UAL 130 wall mount

Leica UAL 130 wall mount

The universal adapter for Lino allows to attach and adjust the height of a Leica Lino by 130 mm easily and precisely. It can be used for the new Leica Lino L2, L2G, L2P5, L2P5G and P5.

Art. No. 866 131

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