iCON build v7.5 Software Release

Introducing new building construction software features and improvements

iCON build & site v7.5 Software Release - Building Construction & Heavy Construction Software

Smart digital workflows using the Leica iCON portfolio enable construction crews to layout points with speed, higher performance and improved accuracy. Reduced mistakes and minimised reworks are among our top priorities improving building construction execution. We have been listening and have made some of your most requested features and improvements available in the latest version of iCON field software.

Discover iCON site version 7.5 improvements and features for heavy construction professionals                                                                

1. New, more efficient keyboard layout

In version 7.5, we updated the keyboard layout to include the number keys in the main keyboard. You can use the full keyboard in one step instead of and shifting between modes, making you more efficient and saving time. If special characters are required, a toggle button allows you to switch the keyboard.

2. XML and point cloud improvements

It is now possible to import and export point clouds from HeXML. This includes direct import of scans taken with the Leica Nova MS60 MultiStation to iCON build & site software. XML export allows the flow of captured scan data into Hexagon software that supports HeXML, such as Leica Infinity, for additional checking, processing and archiving.

3. Total station setup graphics

You might need to understand both the quality of your measurement to control points and if the measured control point spread provides a good setup and working range. With iCON field 7.5, we now include the graphic option which indicates how good the setup and optimum working area are. Point areas with good distribution appear green, while those with potentially poor angles are highlighted in red. Improved setup graphics ensure the results are accurate every time.

4. Total station search improvements: Wait & lock

For building and heavy construction users, line of sight from the total station to the prism is often lost due to a temporary obstruction, negatively impacting your lock. With iCON field 7.5, we introduced a new search option, “Wait & Lock,” for the iCON iCR80 and iCON iCR80s sensors with a Dynamic Lock License. With the new functionality, the instrument will no longer need to perform a Power Search, turning 360° looking for a target, but will wait for you to walk in front of the instrument before automatically relocking to your target, allowing you to get back to work quicker than before.

5. CAD import & export improvements

iCON field software now supports US survey inches. With the 7.5 software update, it is possible to autodetect or choose US Survey Inches when importing CAD files.  This improvement streamlines the field-to-office-to-field workflows and avoids previously required rescaling of CAD files to US survey feet for use in iCON.

6. Project Height Shift

As building construction becomes increasingly digital, the control and design files for many projects are based on regional coordinates where the height element is above sea level. This requires constant additional calculations to match the elevation to the project 0m level or determine local project heights. With the iCON build 7.5 update, you can apply a project height shift when creating a project that automatically calculates the local project 0m elevation. The new info panel option “Project Height” will show the calculated height based on the applied shift.

7. IFC Visualisation & Metadata improvements

Many design software apply the colour of an object to the surface of the element. With the iCON build 7.5 update, mapped colours are now supported and visible in iCON. This streamlines the steps needed to prepare design data for export to iCON and provides better visualisation in the field, such as for areas with an open RFI.

We also support the GUID, Object Name and Object Location importing IFC data to iCON to ensure better alignment with the original design data. The GUID and location information are auto-included in verification reports to give better clarity to project teams.

8. Autostake to elevation

Building construction often requires marking points or lines at specific elevations such as a datum line or for piling cut offs. With the iCON build 7.5 update, the Stake to Elevation option for Layout Points/Lines and Objects has been enhanced with the autostake option. This operation allows you to select the autostake option and select or enter the required elevation aim to the surface/wall required. The instrument will then auto stake the elevation to that surface, speeding up the process of marking multiple points at a set elevation on projects.

9. Point Clouds and Verification: New pixel size option

We recognised that with point clouds and verification results, it was sometimes difficult to see the point cloud points when zoomed in. A new viewing option to change the size of a point cloud point to small, medium or large allows better visualisation of point cloud data, especially where large spacing has been used.

10. Cloud Connectivity – Autodesk BIM360 Docs

Cloud connectivity is crucial for construction workflows. Therefore, we upgraded our integrations to work with the latest APIs from various providers. Previously with the Autodesk BIM 360 integration BIM360 users were required to be allocated as Project Admins to use the connection with iCON. In the iCON 7.5 software release, the SDK has been updated to match the user permissions within Autodesk BIM 360 Docs. A BIM360 Docs user can have permission to View, Download and Upload and still benefit from the integration. Project teams no longer need to give enhanced rights to users wishing to work with iCON and BIM 360.

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