Easier integration of BIM workflows – Positive customer feedback on the new Leica iCON build v3.5

Q&A with Leica iCON build product subject matter experts

Leica Icon Buld v3.5

In April 2017, Leica Geosystems released the latest Leica iCON build field software version 3.5, along with the new first-of-its-kind Layout Objects app. The new field software is a major step in facilitating layout tasks on site.

Both, BIM detailers and BIM coordinators, and construction professionals like foremen, layout specialists or construction surveyors can significantly benefit from the new Layout Objects app. It gives the opportunity to streamline their BIM processes and facilitate and speed up their work by transferring BIM objects from the design desk directly to the field tablet without any data conversion and use fully rendered design models in the field.

We have talked to Andrew Ricci representing Leica Geosystems distribution partner Levelling Equipment Services (LES) in Celbridge, Ireland, and to Simon Tritschler, Technical Deployment Specialist at BAM Contractors Ireland, to learn about their first experiences with the new iCON build v3.5 field software.

Andrew, do you already have feedback about the new software from some of your customers?

Andrew Ricci: Yes, we have several customers who have tried the software out in the field and others who are already implementing it into their workflows. To sum it up, the feedback is extremely good. From this we have got some very valuable feedback on how the software could be further developed. Simon Tritschler, representing BAM Contractors, is one of these customers.

What do you think about the use of IFC data and fully rendered models in the field?

Simon Tritschler: Using IFC data greatly reduces transcription errors or errors generated in the creation of point specific drawing files that we bring out onto the site. In addition, there is a significant time saving in information transfer to the survey instrument. Having the full model out on site gives the site engineers much greater understanding of the project and allows them to see potential construction challenges ahead.

Andrew Ricci: From our point of view as a Leica Geosystems distribution partner, the use of IFC data directly in the field is the only logical step for those who want to integrate BIM thinking thoroughly into their processes and exploit the full potential of BIM.

Simon, how do you handle the dataflow or how do you expect it to be?

Simon Tritschler: We are already working on integrating a new quality driven workflow into our BIM Level 2 Certified process. Using IFC directly from the model has made this integration much easier as the data path is cleaner and the resulting survey reporting documentation will close the quality loop back into the Common Data Environment.

What positive effects have you already experienced or do you expect from the new software?

Simon Tritschler:

a. Cleaner data transfer.
b. Reduced preparation time for site engineers.
c. Enhanced model awareness for site engineers.
d. Increased time on site for site engineers.

Andrew Ricci: For us it is now important to spread the word about the new revolutionary iCON build 3.5 software and to demonstrate to our customers the huge advantages they can achieve in implementing it into their BIM processes. Once demonstrated, iCON build 3.5 gains great interest from customers.

What should in your opinion be the next step in improving the app?

Simon Tritschler: Improved sectioning/boxing will greatly enhance the end user experience and increase productivity.

Simon Trishtler
Simon Tritschler
Technical Deployment Specialist VDC
(Virtual Design Construction)
at BAM Contractors Ireland
Andrew Ricci
Andrew Ricci
Technical Sales and Support
at Levelling Equipment Services
Celbridge, Ireland

To learn more about the new iCON build software visit the website or the Leica iCON YouTube channel or contact your local Leica Geosystems distribution partner to schedule a demonstration.

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