Ensuring smooth flow

Chapter 3: Necessity is the mother of all invention

Necessity is the mother of all invention

Due to the special demands required by WSA, Leica Geosystems added a new format editor to its GeoMoS software. This new editor can automatically process data from one or multiple sources, such as sensors, data loggers, files or databases. With this editor addition, Intelligent Open Interface was enabled, allowing the integration of any Comma Separated Value (CSV) file. After a one-time content configuration, the GeoMos CSV-module can automatically process any new raw data content from the water sensors on the tidal range water levels surrounding the locks. Each data field, separated by a semicolon within the CSV file, received certain configuration parameters, such as time format, identifier, observation, unit and location. With this information, any CSV file could be processed in pre-defined time intervals. In this case, the raw data of the water levels were combined with the coordinates of the geodetic monitoring system.

With the virtual sensor editor, the system could process the deformations corrected by the tide influence to become a complete monitoring analysis.

With this new file formatting editor, the monitoring software became highly flexible and able to read any software interface. Sensor data available via the Internet could be quickly integrated for real-time analyses. All changes to the canal’s water levels can be taken into account when analysing the geodetic measurements for deformation tolerance levels. The software also processed this data into easily understood visualisations that can be customised to the level and needs of those responsible receiving the information.

Should any of the data measurements exceed the set maximal deformation limits, a second measurement is made immediately after the completion of that measuring cycle. If this second data measurement still exceeded the maximal allowed limits, the people responsible at Kirchner were immediately informed by an email message automatically sent so they could take the necessary actions.

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Story: Ensuring smooth flow
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Chapter 3: Necessity is the mother of all invention

Reporter 75 - Junho 2016

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