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Leica Geosystems provides easy access to adaptable monitoring solutions that are tailored to your requirements.

Be it for monitoring of infrastructure (e.g. dams, pipelines, oil platforms) to reduce risk caused by structural stress related to aging effects or damage from natural hazards, nearby construction, subsidence or utility networks, we have the right solution for you. With the ability to provide a full solution, all from one reliable vendor, we provide software that is developed to work seamlessly with in-house, high-end sensors, like total stations and GNSS, as well as other 3rd party geotechnical and environmental sensors, along with expert support and consultation. Monitor with real-time information and rely on reports generated automatically based on a customisable schedule.

“We recommended Leica GeoMoS and total stations because we’ve used them in many other projects around the country with excellent results.”

Richard Ingham,
C.R., State Manager at Kennedy Survey Division New South Wales, Australia

Case Studies

Designing a Dam Monitoring System

East Bay Municipal Utility District (EBMUD) had the technology in place to monitor crest elevations at these dams and dikes remotely with improved temporal resolution.

Safety on the High Seas

Lukoil’s directors initiate geodynamic monitoring systems on a maritime, ice-resistant platform to ensure safe operation and to protect workers from unexpected occurrences...

Chemical Plant Monitoring

the stability of the pipes related to their absolute as-built positions in the plant are monitored in real-time with very close human supervision of the gathered results.

Concrete Dam Monitoring in Montereale Valcellina

Automatic and continuous monitoring of the Ravedis mass gravity concrete dam.

Software Products

Leica GeoMoS

Soluções de software de monitoramento de deformação automático flexível.

Leica GeoMoS Now!

Analise e visualize dados de monitoramento em qualquer lugar.

Leica CrossCheck

Uma ferramenta de análise GNSS para diversas aplicações de e monitoramento.

Leica GNSS Spider

Acesso simples, desempenho confiável

Ajuste do Leica GeoMoS

Ajuste automático e análise de deformação para monitoramento.

Hardware Products

Leica Nova TM50

A estação total de monitoramento de imagens mais precisa e confiável.

Leica GM30

Receptor de monitoramento de GNSS completo.

Leica série GMX902

Receptor GNSS para monitoramento.

Leica GMX910

Receptor GNSS com antena integrada para monitoramento.

Leica M-Com

A primeira solução plug and play para monitoramento.

Sensor de inclinação

Medição precisa do vetor de inclinação e da temperatura.

Leica ScanStation P50

O scanner a laser 3D de longo alcance mais rápido e seguro.

Leica Nova MS60

A primeira MultiStation de autoaprendizagem do mundo ajusta-se automaticamente a qualquer ambiente, independentemente dos desafios.


Soluções de mapeamento para ARP da Leica Geosystems para informações geoespaciais precisas.


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