Return to the high definition surveying seas

Chapter 3: Future of the Mary Rose

Future of the Mary Rose

Since the introduction of the MS50 MultiStation to the museum, there has been a lot more interest in how such an instrument works and Leica Geosystems as a company, with visitors young and old alike wanting to understand more. Leica Geosystems works closely in partnership with the Mary Rose Trust to not only monitor the ship’s movement but to help support in this important conservation and maritime archaeological project.

The Mary Rose is currently in a period of temporary closure in order for the next chapter in her long and remarkable history to commence. Phase Two of the Mary Rose started at the end of November 2015 and will greatly improve the visitor experience by providing uninterrupted views of the ship from the walkways, as well as all the main galleries at all three levels. For the first time since she was raised in 1982, visitors will also be able to share the same space as the Mary Rose, entering the upper deck through an air lock, allowing visitors to experience the full magnitude of the Mary Rose. During this phase movement, monitoring of the 500-year-old timbers will be critical, and so the MultiStation will remain in its position in the next phase, continuing to provide vital data for the Mary Rose team. The museum will fully re-open in late summer 2016.

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Story: Return to the high (definition surveying) seas
Chapter 1: Mary Rose's excavation
Chapter 2: Mary Rose museum and Leica Geosystems' involvement
Chapter 3: Future of the Mary Rose

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