Sustaining an airport's health

Chapter 3: Moving to a new GIS for more efficiencies

Sustaining an airport's health

Moving to a new GIS for more efficiencies

When word spread of the recently released Leica Zeno 20 handheld GIS asset collector running on an Android operating system, the airport was immediately interested. This meant a survey-grade asset collection device could now achieve centimetre accuracy data collection that commercial grade smart devices previously used could not provide. Because it used an Android OS, the device could also run Esri’sCollector for ArcGIS.

After testing Esri’s Collector for ArcGIS on the Zeno 20 using an external lightweight GNSS antenna on a pole, the Leica Zeno 20 provided the centimetre accuracy required by airport and field crews. It also could map and record their data in one centralised databank and share this information in real time. The entire airport now worked with optimised workflows, with back office crews efficiently managing data and easily incorporating it into their GIS and CAD systems.

This combination of the Collector for ArcGIS app, Zeno 20 and ArcGIS Online Subscription has now been branded as the ZenoCollector. With the ZenoCollector, field crews can view collected asset data with highresolution background imagery on large displays. Key decisions can quickly be made in real time, based on the quality and accuracy of the data collected using ArcGIS Online, a cloud-based mapping platform. Project managers and other key personnel are also able to follow the progress of field data collection activities from their desktops or mobile devices as they occur.

Using the ZenoCollector enables ATL’s field crews to accurately capture numerous assets efficiently and communicate in real time with all involved, documenting the health of this complex infrastructure with survey-grade accuracy. Over the course of time, decreased labour costs and proactive planning are possible, resulting in a vastly improved lifecycle of utilities and assets at the ATL.

“The Leica Zeno 20 running Collector for ArcGIS allows us to bring our high precision 2D data collection workflows completely into the ArcGIS environment. This means Esri’s ArcGIS Online becomes the hub around which all field data collection activities revolve, eliminating the need for separate third-party solutions and expensive desktop applications,” said Haren. “The ZenoCollector provides our Aviation GIS, Engineering and Facilities teams with an easy-to-use data collection experience that is consistent with our consumer-grade smartphone and tablet systems, yet provides the high accuracy and precision we demand for critical airport infrastructure location and identification.”

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Story: Sustaining an airport's health
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Chapter 3: Moving to a new GIS for more efficiencies

Reporter 75 - Junho 2016

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