Turning data into knowledge with Jigsaw

Chapter 4: Convenient data for immediate action

Convenient data for immediate action

Pushing information to the field has always been a challenge. Jview is a simple, flexible platform that is extendable and allows customisation to content delivery across the operation. Supervisors get the information they need to make decisions on the spot, out in the field. Data can now be pushed out more efficiently to smart phones, tablets and 3G networks. Interface layout and design is important because visualisation differs between devices. Visual analysis improves discovery, interpretation and insight. Matching content with users’ skills and purpose enhances interactivity and engagement.

“The goal was to make the information more manageable and accessible to people out in the field,” said Boak. “Not everyone could always be in the dispatch centre, or even in their own office to look at information on computers. We issued shift supervisors tablets and they were able to pull up reports while they moved around the mine.”

As operations and technology evolve and become more complex, control and monitoring will become even more vital. Demands on FMS and BI will continue. There is always a pull between operational intelligence with real time data versus business intelligence with collection of large historical data sets used to validate performance, discover event correlation, and compare metrics over greater time ranges. FMS will need to evolve to capture more data and store it for analysis. The vast amounts of data available in the FMS will allow us to make innovative changes to operations, exceeding industry standards.

Organisations will then combine the experiential wisdom of employees with engaging self-service information delivery tools, solving problems, discovering anomalies and taking action. Operations must continue to cultivate a data-driven culture that envisions new business rules, realises value in the information, and grows with these tools. Knowledge is gained by using data from these systems together with enhancing or implementing new processes and procedures. This method tests and validates current procedures, metrics, and processes by involving users with driving new features and enhancements in the FMS functionality. The outcome is the data is transformed into information, which leads to actionable insights and knowledge, resulting in better control. From dispatcher to analyst to management, Jigsaw elevates problem solving beyond just data use, allowing you to control the environment, discover information and gain knowledge.

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