Multivista launches new website, enhances customer experience



Author: Monica Miller Rodgers


“People think they know what we do, but they have no idea…” 

“Finally, my friends and family will understand what I do!” 

“A giant step forward for the whole company!”


These are just a few of the sentiments expressed when Multivista rolled out its new website in September 2017. Identifying the need to better support customers, franchisees and sales staff, the website was introduced with a more streamlined journey through content and easier access to support services.


“We’ve traditionally focused primarily on an outbound sales approach,” said Rosie Knox, Multivista’s Vice President of Marketing. “We came to realise, though, this left a lot of questions for our customers and potential partners visiting our website ahead of those sales calls. We offer an entire suite of full-service solutions and needed a better way to tell our story and let others know who we are and what we’re all about. With our new website, we’re now easily able to do that.”


What’s new?



To make the consumer journey through the website easier and more logical, three key updates were identified:

  1. Service specific content

  2. Customer specific content

  3. Industry specific content

The new areas were launched in three phases from September to November. In the first phase, simplified content such as facts and figures, video samples and contact forms were developed for services including:

In the second phase, new content was focused on bringing the customer further into the website by providing specific persona information for:

In the third and final phase, the website demonstrated how Multivista supports the industries of:

While the consumer site was being released, the company also launched a 10-page microsite with helpful franchisee-specific information about the business opportunity and what to expect when considering a Multivista franchise.

Who are we?



Another key area of the new website was to tell the Multivista story. With extensive research undertaken with current clients, the organisation developed an explainer video that focuses on the extent of services offered and how customers can benefit.


“With our recent acquisition by Hexagon, we aimed to inform our customer base and potential customers and partners how we fit into the overall organisation, and how our services and software support their needs,” said Knox. “While preparing for the website revamp, we found out many of even our current customers weren’t aware of everything we could do for them. Video provided the perfect means to share our story and bring awareness to those who can benefit from our offerings.”



Visit the new Multivista website here.


Visit the new Multivista Franchise website here.


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