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digital city

Transforming Ayacucho into a digital city

Creating a digital city model to preserve the heritage treasures of a Peruvian city.

Integrating aerial reality capture

Discovering the latest UAV solution from Leica Geosystems.



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President’s Message

In business, I’m constantly in the front row of technology innovation. I’ve seen firsthand the evolution of theodolites to total stations, the explosive growth of satellites to support GNSS around the globe, and even the minaturisation of laser scanners for practical everyday use. All of this innovation though, is only good if it enhances business processes and improves workflows. In this Reporter, we explore the meaning of digitalising workflows.  

When making decisions that support urban environments, digital information can streamline the process and bring greater efficiency to city services and development. This was the exact thinking when architecture and design firm C95 Creative created a digital model of Ayacucho, Peru using Geosystems mobile mapping and laser scanning technologies. With this 3D model of the city centre, urban planners, construction companies and government officials can make better informed decisions that support the advancement of the city.   

When winter storms in California, USA, overfilled reservoirs and threatening flood waters meant hundreds of thousands of citizens needed to be evacuated. Working with Sensemetrics, a firm specialising in networked sensor applications, the local utility government agency was able to monitor in real time dam and dike crest elevations of their critical infrastructure. Using Geosystems GNSS solutions, officials were remotely and instantly alerted to any hazardous changes, providing them with valuable time to make and implement their emergency plans.      

To further enable the digitalisation of workflows, we are introducing three new technology innovations that you can read about in this edition of Reporter. Our latest laser scanning solution, the Leica RTC360 and the Leica BLK3D 3D Imager, use edge computing to provide on-device processing to automatically bring digital data into a workflow. Our newest UAV solution, the Leica Aibot, is fully integrated into an ecosystem of processing software regardless of your application.

When workflows are digitalised, projects are completed faster with less rework, professionals become more productive, and businesses are more profitable. At Geosystems, we are not only dedicated to technology innovation but to moving your business and our entire industry forward. Together, the possibilities are limitless.  
Enjoy your read. 



Juergen Dold
President, Hexagon Geosystems

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Wales and West Utilities

Transforming the accuracy and precision of on-site data capture and transmission

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From tape to point cloud

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Designing a dam monitoring system

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Calculating coal cubic metres

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Customising for today’s city management

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Route mapping at Emlichheim wind farm

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Customers across the globe solving complex daily challenges using Leica Geosystems equipment.

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Reporter 83

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