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New Leica iCON construction total stations provide efficient layout solution

The intuitive iCON construction total stations, Leica iCR70 and iCR80, increase efficiency on any building construction site by automatically identifying the prism and automatically relocking to it, should the line of sight be lost, delivering the most reliable, simple and automated setup routine for construction layout.


Leica Geosystems simplifies heavy construction with all-in-one machine control platform

The new all-in-one machine control platform, consisting of a panel and docking station, Leica MCP80, combined with a new application software, Leica MC1, supports multiple machines for heavy construction. The new solution automatically guides the operator to position the machine, achieving the required design with the highest quality and accuracy.  


Leica Geosystems, RPA partner to increase efficiency in CAP claims

2480x750 Teaser

The Leica Zeno GG04 plus will support quicker, more productive farm inspections for the Rural Payment Agency (RPA). RPA’s field inspectors will capture land parcels and other key information quicker and more efficiently to increase productivity in managing claims by using GNSS services from the U.S. GPS, Russian GLONASS and European Galileo constellation. 


Leica Geosystems announced new partnership with GeoPal

Leica Geosystems and GeoPal have partnered to support high-accuracy asset data capture within the GeoPal mobile workforce management solution. With increased regulatory pressure on utility organisations to provide more accurate location data and asset records, the Leica Zeno GG04 Plus Smart Antenna is now seamlessly supported by GeoPal to provide high accuracy positions within GeoPal’s Android and iOS mobile applications. 

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