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Author: Ilona Bihlmayer

Resect Engineering Ltd. (Resect) is a Kent-based company providing site engineering and surveying services throughout the United Kingdom and abroad, specialised in piling and groundworks. Involved in the early stages of the HS2 project, a new high-speed rail network connecting North and South of England, Resect is constantly thriving to improve efficiency and accuracy in its construction projects. In the process of acquiring new layout solutions for construction, Resect decided on Leica Geosystems iCON robotic total stations with iCON field construction software.

Tom Batchelor, senior site layout engineer at Resect Engineering is responsible for layout tasks as well as in-house layout training for new employees. At the current project in Southend-on-Sea, England, Batchelor is responsible for the correct positioning of drill holes to position the pillars for the basement of a new apartment block.

Ease-of-use and tailored applications convince

Within three months after the first demonstration of the Leica iCON robotic total station by SCCS Survey, a Leica Geosystems authorised distributor and service partner, Resect acquired five new iCON robotic total stations and purchased one iCON GNSS SmartAntenna, both running on the iCON field construction software.

“We compared several suppliers of course, but the intuitive and construction-tailored iCON field software and the easy-to-use hardware convinced us. It is a great help for everyone on site to work on the same software platform, no matter if we work with the total station or the GNSS rover,” states Batchelor.

At the current project, where the accurate location of the pillars is crucial, Resect uses the Sketching application in iCON field to calculate the centre point of an arch radius after measuring a minimum of three points of a radius. “The sketching app is just one example of all iCON field applications showing Leica Geosystems developed this software with real construction applications in mind,” says Batchelor.

Increasing efficiency

The intuitive software interface and the simple-to-operate apps tailored to the workflows on construction sites are speeding up the stakeout tasks for Resect. Batchelor emphasizes the iCON iCR70 can be used by every crew member, “As senior site layout engineer, I benefit from the easy-to-use and intuitive Leica iCON solution as I can train new engineers on the total station and software on my own.”

Since working with the iCON iCR70 robotic total station, Resect has been able to execute its construction layout tasks faster, simpler and more accurate. Due to the combination of an easy setup, stable prism lock and simple to operate software and hardware, the team’s efficiency on the construction sites has increased.

Another reason for Resect to decide on the Leica iCON solution was the consultancy and support SCCS Survey provided during the entire hiring process. “A professional, trustworthy consultant and support for us are very important. With SCCS, the process from the first product demonstration, over the sales and after-sales support was completely hassle-free,” concluded Batchelor.

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