Leica MultiWorx for AutoCAD – Fast, Easy Point Cloud Processing

Point cloud processing of Leica Nova MS60 laser scan data

Leica MultiWorx for AutoCAD software

Leica MultiWorx for AutoCAD is for point cloud processing newcomers using Leica Nova MS60 MultiStation's integrated laser scanning capability. This plug-in for AutoCAD and Civil 3D lets drafters and designers work with rich, 3D point clouds in a familiar CAD environment. It also provides simpler and more powerful tools for navigating point clouds and creating deliverables than native CAD capabilities.

The tools you need to quickly get it right
Leica MultiWorx for AutoCAD makes it easy to create accurate deliverables. True colour images from Nova MS60, aligned to scans, provide powerful visual context. Intuitive orientation tools make working in 3D easy. Versatile clipping tools make subdividing scans into areas of interest fast and accurate. A robust set of digital surveying features make accurate topographic drafting simple and fun.

Scan capabilities for a wide variety of applications
Whether you're using Nova MS60's scanning capabilities for specific survey tasks or as valuable project QA, MultiWorx lets you take full advantage of the MultiStation’s rich point clouds and images to create better maps, profiles and cross-sections, contours, facade drawings, quantity surveys, as-built and detail surveys, and more.

Richer results from familiar workflows
Using traditional total station set up and traverse methods, the Nova MS60 also collects rich point clouds and informative images. In the office, simply adjust the field data using Leica Infinity or any other tool you prefer. Then, inside AutoCAD or Civil 3D, MultiWorx lets you create even better, higher-confidence traditional deliverables.

Main features you will experience with MultiWorx:

Point Cloud Management

  • Simplified opening of point cloud data (fully supporting Leica Cyclone IMP files, Leica JetStream data, and ReCap RCP files); 3D limit boxes, slices, and interactive visualisation of all size data sets


  • Intensity mapping, true colour; limit boxes, slices
  • TruSpace panoramic viewer - select view point from keyplan, drive CAD viewpoint from TruSpace, quick limit box in CAD from single pick, send point picks from TruSpace to CAD command, includes background images


  • Level of Detail (LOD) graphics, single pick point cloud density control

Drafting support

  • Automatically orientate UCS to walls and floors
  • UCS Orientation Support with a few simple picks on the point cloud
  • High point, low point and ground point SmartPick Snapping
  • Creation of COGO points on a user specified points on a grid
  • Project linework to workplanes
  • Auto-Fit Polyline tool lets users quickly fit 2D lines and arcs to the point cloud with one, two, or three pick points; combine with QuickSlice for fast, user-friendly 2D linework extraction

Key features you will experience with MultiWorx:

  • Integrated ribbon interface provides access to all MultiWorx commands in familiar AutoCAD\Civil 3D style
  • User can select point cloud colourisation settings. This CAD window shows the point cloud in intensity Multi-Hue\Rainbow.
  • Panoramic TruSpace window includes background imagery from Nova MS60 internal camera for increased comprehension
  • In addition to the background images, the TruSpace window is showing the point cloud with the true colour setting
  • TruSpace window can be linked to the CAD window and used to easily manipulate the 3D viewpoint
  • Orthoimage tool to create GeoTIFF, PNG, JPEG, GIF, and BMP images
  • Floor Flatness and Floor Levelness tool with automatic ASTM 1155 standard report generation

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