Chris Gibbons - Survey & Engineering Product Specialist

The new Leica RCD30 camera is presently the only one in the market which is able to collect 80 MP RGBN multispectral imagery perfectly co-registered.

Chris Gibbons - Survey & Engineering Product Specialist - Hero

For over 25 years, Chris Gibbons has been involved in projects within the Surveying and Engineering industry.

After graduating from Newcastle University in 1995, Chris started his career with Acre Surveys as part of the surveying team working on the construction of the OASIS holiday park, (Now Centre Parcs) at Whinfell Forest, just outside of Penrith in Cumbria. Amongst his responsibilities was setting out building plots and roadways, maintaining site control and ongoing survey work for the constant redesign to preserve the best aspects of the forest.

“I support the philosophy of ‘Working from the whole to the part’, starting off with your control and making sure that the project as a whole is of a good quality. Starting off well will help all the other parts fit together.”

Following the completion of the Whinfell Forest site, Chris went to work for Western Geophysical, (now Western Geco) travelling the world working in the Oil and Gas Exploration industry. Here he got a huge amount of experience working with GPS, Coordinate Systems and Network Analysis. Ultimately being responsible for the position of the hydrophones and sonic source whilst out at sea. In this harsh environment he also learned to be resourceful.

“If you don’t do it nobody does it and the job stops. If the parts are broken, you fix them, else the job stops.”

During this time, Chris would occasionally work for Mouldings Contracts on landfill and land reclamation sites during his break periods. It was here that Chris got his first experience of robotic Total stations. This led to him getting into the line of work he does today.

When his time working offshore came to an end, Chris then spent 6 years with Survey Supplies in Liverpool, supporting their Robotic Total Station and GNSS range, before moving to the Leica Geosystems’ Technical Support team as a field-based trainer & support technician in 2007. Then in December 2013, the roles of the sales team and field based technical support were combined into what is his current role and he became one of the Sales Representatives for Northern England.

“In my role at Leica Geosystems, I always have access to the cutting edge of survey technology. This is very exciting to be involved with and very satisfying when I see some of my suggestions included in the latest releases.”

Chris’ role at Leica Geosystems is to promote the latest technologies and help his customer base understand how they can become more efficient and give them a commercial edge by investing in Leica Geosystems. As such he gets involved in many diverse projects, from construction work, structural monitoring, through topographic work to laser scanning and point clouds.

The products in the surveying industry are constantly developing, with the Leica GS18i, the BLK2GO and the RTC360 being the most exciting pieces of survey equipment developed in recent years by anyone. Chris has gone on record stating that he would challenge anyone to find a better equivalent product in these three product lines.

“The GS18i, why would you not want one?”

As we stated earlier his knowledge of total station solutions and GNSS and associated software, is second to none, but Chris’ knowledge of Reality Capture is always growing. Driven to learn by a keen interest in both the industry and the technology. He sees it as the inevitable direction of travel. Where to next?


Do you have an enquiry and would like to get in touch, then you can connect with Chris on LinkedIn.

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