Filling the need for survey speed

Chapter 3: Raising the bar on survey excellence

Raising the bar on survey excellence

Investing in the latest technology helps the firm meet its clients’ current needs. Since the market does not stand still, however, company associates are always looking ahead to what clients might need in the future. They already see more requests for thorough day-to-day updates on projects. When steel is erected, for example, or a large piece of structural concrete is installed, clients want meticulous details on how the structure differs from the original design. SANDIS has the technology and expertise available to provide this information, thereby empowering the project manager to provide the best information to subcontractors so they can make plans accurately in a virtual environment, minimising errors and waste.

While monitoring these trends, SANDIS also stays in touch with representatives from its technology provider to learn how the latest solutions dovetail with market needs. SANDIS has also expanded its industry coverage with the acquisition of Bryant Surveys Inc., a specialty steel erection survey firm, and CTS, Inc., a leader in laser scanning, point cloud post-processing and BIM preparation.

All of these strategies enable the firm to delight its clients with accuracy, efficiency and value. “Our clients deserve the highest level of value and quality,” says Cabral. “Using the latest surveying solutions helps us be more efficient in the field and office and raise the bar on the level of excellence we provide in all of our projects.”

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Story: Filling the need for survey speed
Chapter 1: Introduction
Chapter 2: Employing the latest solutions to meet client needs
Chapter 3: Raising the bar on survey excellence

Reporter 75 - June 2016

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